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Collective Bargaining

As discussed in class this week, here is the next assignment:

1. Read Chapter 6

2. Answer the review questions on page 242, questions 1-7.

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3. Respond to the You Be the Arbitrator on page 242-243

the book:…

Answer preview

The union and management representatives are the individuals who are directly participating in the collective bargaining process (Carrell and Heavrin, 2013). Members of the union involved include officers in the local authority and relevant staff involved in negotiations. The leaders’ role is the chief executive officer, the principal, and the mayor, who helps coordinate the negotiating team. Some members are also included to represent specific job departments such as the chief steward or official members. In the negotiation, advisors may be involved in providing constitutional means for settling disputes and providing an interpretation of work contracts.  Also, administration participation may be required from representatives such as the human resource director and financial officer to intervene in the negotiation.(973words)

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