“Your Be The Arbitrator”

For the next assignment, please review the “Your Be The Arbitrator” on page 428 and 429. Please respond to the 3 questions.

Remember, you are the arbitrator. You get to decide what to do with this employee. I am looking for what your decision is and justify why you made your decision.

The book: https://www.yourhomeworksolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2017/03/2974995_MOBOOK7430_1.pdf

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As an arbitrator, I would have sided with the company in discharging the employee. Threatening, coercing, and intimidating other employees is prohibited in the organization (Carrell, & Heavrin, 2013). Additionally, deliberate damaging, mutilating, and destroying company tools are illegal, and they lead to the discharging of employees from their roles. The employee’s termination was done because he had violated the code of conduct for employees. Adhering to company rule, provided they are not punitive and serve to protect all employees’ interests and therefore, any behavior and action that violates the organization deserves to be punished. Even though I believed that the organization should have been more lenient given the employees have worked in the organization for more than 20 years, threatening an employee and defacing company property is a serious offense. I think the organization made a just ruling as it will discourage other employees from destroying company property or threatening other employees.