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  • discuss the following two questions in your response:
  • 1. Discuss one of the environmental issues that adversely impacts the health of your community (Brooklyn NY)
  • 2. Review the website regarding the Toxic Release Inventory. What facilities/industries in your community (Brooklyn NY) are required to report the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment according to the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990. The results may surprise you. Hospitals, for example, produce a lot of hazardous waste.

Your first post in this discussion must be no less than 450 words. Original in content, please include APA citation.

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            According to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), one of the leading environmental issues that adversely affects the community’s health in Brooklyn New York is air pollution. Air pollution is a crucial issue that needs to be solved with urgency. This is because of its negative effect on the environment.  The TRI presents information from industry sectors, the government, public and other institutions regarding toxic chemicals. These sectors report the number of toxic chemicals released into the environment. In Brooklyn, air pollutants form the most significant percentage of toxic chemicals released by industries into the environment. According to the Toxics Release Inventory, the amount of harmful chemicals released in the air during average production is 30103 lbs. in 2019. The most toxic chemicals disposed of in this city are Ammonia by 95.0% (Gerde and Logsdon, 2014). Other types of air releases that cause environmental issues within Brooklyn include hexane, toluene, copper and lead. Based on the trend by media, the air pollution in this city increased since 2013-2016. These air chemicals are hazardous to the health of the Brooklyn community members and its environs. For example, the total amount of Ammonia released in 2019 is 28,600 lbs. which causes health effect such as ocular and respiratory complications. The other toxic chemicals disposed into this city’s atmosphere pose other severe health conditions including cancer, neurological, renal, immunological, and reproductive diseases. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that the total score of chemical releases to the air based on the Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) IS 16,245.