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DQ10 Community Nursing

Chapter 17: Substance Use

How do you anticipate the legalization of cannabis in some states will impact that prevalence of cannabis use among children and adolescents? Discuss what, if any, effect there may be on development, academic attainment, and behavioral health.

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Legalizing cannabis has had growing support in some states, probably due to claims that cannabis has medical benefits, its low-risk effect, and a risk-free source of pleasure.  I anticipate that the legalization of the drug implies more social acceptance, increased availability, and lower substance prices. Thus, with limited finances, more adolescents and children would easily access the substance. There will be an increase in prevalence, intensity, and an increase in the population of heavy users and overdoses in children (NIDA, 2018). The increase is probably because, with the legalization, the drug edibles are made to look like candies, gummy, and chocolates, leading to the drug’s accidental exposure to the children.