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Rachel Jones used the abstraction technique to make the art. It allows an audience to perceive beyond the tangible aspect of the painting. It explores the unknown and intuition, and freedom of the artist. It is evident in the ability to connect to the intention presented by the artist. This style of art frees the mind of the artists from visual restrictions. It is why Jones incorporated the mouth, teeth, and flowers. The artists utilized the abstraction technique to center on an exploration of self-identity. In relation to the Black figures, the interiority of their bodies and their lived experience was related. The abstracted forms of mouth, teeth, and flowers portray a literal entry and symbol to the interior and self (The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. 2019). Another approach applied by the artist is figurative. The painting portrays the natural forms of human aspects, including the teeth and the mouth. However, Rachel Jone’s figurative approach is not highlighted meticulously. Instead, the figuration is unclear at first glance, but a detailed audience can recognize the figurative pieces of the teeth, the lips, and the flowers.

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Contemporary artist