Computer crime prosecution

Search the Internet for articles on computer crime prosecution. Write a one-page paper summarizing the article and identify key features of the decision you find in your search.

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Due to the internet, individuals located in distant places can groom a child located in an area situated thousands and thousands of miles away from them. When this happens, finding the perpetrator, gathering pertinent evidence, arresting them, and prosecuting them, will be challenging due to the perpetrators or victim’s location in a foreign jurisdiction. Despite this, Gottschalk (2019) proposes the best solution to overcome this prosecutorial hurdle is for law enforcement agencies, governments, and intelligence agencies around the globe to collaborate. This collaboration will enhance the identification of perpetrators, collection of evidence, and, if need be, extradition of a perpetrator to the victim’s location for prosecution and sentencing. The net effect of this will be that punishments will be severe on perpetrators and accessible even when the perpetrator and victim are in different locations.

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Computer crime prosecution