Organizational change

Reflect on an organizational change effort in the past that you are familiar with (this can be at an organization you researched or worked with) that experienced significant resistance from employees, and answer the following questions:

  1. Why did employees resist the change?
  2. What were the problematic issues that were not being effectively addressed, from the employees’ point of view?
  3. Were the underlying concerns legitimate?
  4. What could the leader have done to address the situation or prevent the concern from arising?
  5. How would this have changed the outcomes of the change effort?

Respond to at least two of your peers with any questions you have about their experience of witnessing resistance to change in organizational change efforts, and compare their answers to your own understanding of problems of resistance in organizational change efforts.


Requirements: 1 paragraph each question – for peers just 1 paragraph

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Yes, the underlying concerns were legitimate. As much as the change is hard, employees always want the best for the organization. However, whenever they feel like their leader is not up for the task, they feel like the organization will fail, resulting in losing their jobs. The employees were not experienced enough for the software company’s changes, so they needed some training for the new roles (Tanner, 2019). Not receiving the training puts a strain on their job security which is realistic for every employee. Employees are part of the organization, and they always want to feel appreciated. Not including them in change management plans will demoralize them. Their concerns of not feeling appreciated were legitimate. They lost their faith in the company and any change was not welcomed.

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Organizational change