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You are a new member of a crime scene investigative (CSI) unit that is only a couple of months old. The Chief of Police asks you to create an introductory document for a new community outreach program. The goal is to help the community understand the different types of evidence and how they are used.

Write a 3-4 page paper that addresses the following points:

Requirements: 3 to 4 pages


here is the textbook for the course for a reference – Garland, N. (2019). Criminal Evidence (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US).

The paper will need an introduction and conclusion as well. We are to use APA 7th addistion

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The concept of overwhelming circumstantial evidence is drawn from facts presented to a hearing without direct observations. It becomes overwhelming for a jury since the witness lacks direct testimony of a crime. For example, if a witness claims that they heard a gunshot and found the accused with a pistol next to the victim on arriving at the scene, it is circumstantial. This form of evidence overwhelms the prosecutors and officers involved in the cased due to a lack of facts. Several circumstances may surround this testimony, such as the accused shooting at an escaping murderer or having picked the gun from the crime scene.

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Crime scene investigative