Criminal justice system faces

The criminal justice system is a very complex system with many moving parts and actors. Taking a critical thinking approach, in 2-3 pages, based on your readings from this course as well as other readings and research. Discuss the realities and challenges that the criminal justice system faces.

Proper APA format required to include a title page, reference page, and citations.

Requirements: 3 pages

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The best approach, in this case, is to rehabilitate the offender. This way, the individual is more likely to change their behaviors and become aware of the consequences of the behaviors (Bartollas and Schmalleger, 2017). The individual should be rehabilitated since, as a young person, they may have committed the crime due to peer influence and the need to take risks. Young people are more likely to engage in threats compared to adults. In addition, peer influence may impact their actions and encourage risk-taking behaviors. As the young person

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Criminal justice system faces