Cultural competence

Create a proposal for your principal regarding the role your school plays in recognizing, celebrating, and incorporating culture into the learning environment.

Create 4-6 sentences in each area below of your “pitch” to the principal. You are welcome to search the internet, but your proposal must include the following six areas that are also presented in the Colorin Colorado article:

  1. Discovering Information about Community and Student Cultures
  2. Connecting with ELL Families
  3. Communicating Important Information
  4. Increasing Parent Participation
  5. Encouraging Parents as Leaders
  6. Forming Community Partnerships Colorin Colorado article: Engaging ELL Families: Tips for School Leaders (

Requirements: 4-6 sentences per each area.

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Communicating important information and reducing the power differential between teachers and learners helps create a nurturing environment. In a more diversified classroom, the teacher should act as a facilitator and not an instructor. Allowing students to share their reading materials enables them to interact and share their culture by sharing their thoughts and ideas that are important to their cultural and social perspectives. Increasing parent participation can make a big difference in all members involved. That will help families feel like they are members of the school and know that the school is a big part of the community. That is more important for immigrant families who may feel excluded due to the English language needed to participate in the school environment. According to Breiseth, Robertson, & LaFond (2011), encouraging parents as leaders through participating in different activities such as speaking at a school board meeting will likely offer successful solutions to problems that the school community was unaware of. That is because parents know their children best.

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Cultural competence