Dental health professionals

1. Read and review how COVID-19 has impacted dental hygiene professionals using peer-reviewed articles and online resources. 1a). Create an APA PowerPoint presentation that includes, title slide, goal and learning objectives slides, at least ten content slides, five professional images, at least two peer-reviewed, current journal articles, and a reference slide.

b). Design a lesson plan based on the insights gathered demonstrating how I project to deliver the planned oral lesson.

c.) Create, administer, and submit a five-multiple choice question quiz about the material presented in class. Answers are to be attached to the submission.

d.) Provide students with a flow chart handout to help retain the information presented in class.

e.)Design 3 questions to be asked to faculty members about COVID-19 and how as impacted their practice in education.

Requirements: 10 content slides   |   .ppt file

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  • Students appreciate online education as an essential measure to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 (Mutluay & Mutluay, 2021).
  • However it affects the acquisition of practical skills.
  • The pandemic influenced short-term change in career intentions
  • Major factors include anxiety and depression symptoms (García et al., 2021).

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Dental health professionals