Developing Network Management Strategies

CIS 532 Week 7 Discussion

Week 7 Discussion 1

“Developing Network Management Strategies.” Please respond to the following:

Select and describe one (1) of the five (5) network management processes. Search the Web for tools that support your selected process. How is this product or tool used? Please be sure to cite your sources.

Week 7 Discussion 2

“Network Security.” Please respond to the following:

When designing network management for your customer, what security concerns will you be addressing? Support your response.

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One of the selected network management processes is security management. This process entails enhancing the safety of a network environment through regular analysis. The functions of this process involve network authorization, authentication, and auditing to promote security. Also, it ensures that both internal and external users are secured when accessing network resources. Security management plays the role of protecting both networks and systems from any potential threats. The process is facilitated based on the rules and procedures adopted by network administrators to ensure that the right persons access the system.  This process secures organizational networks and systems from unauthorized persons or other forms of security breaches (Sennewald and Baillie, 2020). Security management also safeguards security-related information by storing critical data through encryption keys. Also, the security management process involves installing systems such as firewalls that offer real-time event monitoring.(661 words)