How marketing strategies influence marketing decisions

Examine how marketing strategies influence marketing decisions.

Introduction and instructions: In this Assignment you have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of concepts from your reading as applied to a simulation. First read the background concerning the scenario Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) company. Then view the simulation provided all the way through to gain a glimpse of what it might be like to work as a marketing product line manager in a well-funded startup company.

The second simulation will provide details you need to understand to more successfully complete the Assignment. Once you have thoroughly viewed the second simulation at least once, address the required checklist items below to complete the Assignment.

Read Adaptive Sports Global(ASG) background information needed for this Assignment.

Scenario: Adaptive Sports Global

-View the meeting of the marketing director at Adaptive Sports Global (ASG), and the

marketing management team meeting, to begin to develop the marketing strategy and marketing plan.

View the simulation for details for the Assignment below.

  • Choose one of three product lines listed below for which you want to be responsible. Then respond to all the checklist items.

The first products within each of these three product lines that ASG will introduce to the market in three months (in the colors of red, navy, white, blue, black, green, and grey-unless otherwise stipulated) are:

Product line 1. Winter line:

Ski poles that convert to adjustable shock resistant hiking poles with a push of a button.

Skis that become snowshoes. Retractable length and when a button is pushed, cleats descend.

Ski boots (black or brown) that adapt to sleet, ice, or snow and/or unstable terrain, with retractable cleats; these boots can even be used for golfing.

Snowboards (ultra-aqua; navy; grey with logo) with lightweight retractable legs that become benches.

Product line 2. Spring/Summer/Fall line:

Boat and parasailing sails that adapt to wind, rain, and temperature conditions. They come in sizes for standard craft and in several colors. Parasails also double as tents.

Tennis rackets that convert to racquetball rackets with a collapsible shaft that stays stable under any normal use impact conditions.

Hiking/walking shoes (brown or black) that are waterproof but breathable and elevate when thick mud or rain are detected.

Surf boards (white/blue stripes; blue, white stripes) that have collapsible legs to convert to beach lounges.

Product line 3. Apparel: Hats, helmets, vests, and jackets (male and female lines): Fabrics and materials that adapt to the wearer’s temperature as well as the ambient temperature and that are sustainably made in the United States (US).

Checklist: Based on your analysis of the information provided regarding ASG and the simulation details provided above:

  • Describe the company’s core competencies based on the limited information in the scenario.
  • Provide a general company SWOT analysis based on the company scenario.
  • Explain which of Porter’s three overall marketing strategies from the Learning Activity the company should use, and why.
  • Identify your chosen ASG product line.
  • Summarize the competition to your chosen product line as found on the Internet.
  • Explain the distribution strategy that should be used for this product line. Should ASG consider strategic alliances for your product line? Why or why not?
  • Analyze how your chosen marketing strategy (from Porter) shown above impacts what the 4 P’s will be for one (1) of the products from your chosen product line.Respond in a minimum 350- to 500-word document in Microsoft® Word® in addition to the title and reference pages using APA format and citation style

Answer preview

One of the core competencies of Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) Company is that they only hire athletes and weekend sports enthusiasts and offer intensive training to familiarize themselves with sports products. It provides significant benefit to the customer because the employees apply personal sporting gear and clothing types which relate to the users (Mankiw, 2020). Its core competency is based on its customer targets, which involves sportspeople, thus creating a global market. Lastly, their core competency is the incorporation of robots for actual production and extensive warehouses, which are Green Seal and LEED-certified, thus making it hard for competitors to imitate.(646words)