Strategy Development

please read the following then answer the questions below Category 2.1 Strategy Development & Category 2.2 Strategy Implementation sections of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Application Summaries for Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center (2017).

12-2018 Memorial Hospital Baldrige Award Application Summary.pdfPreview the document

Evaluate the strategy development and implementation processes of Memorial considering what they described as being important factors in their Organizational Profile.

What do you see as their strategic imperatives, and key strategy development and implementation process strengths and opportunities for improvement?

For your takeaway(s), please explain:

a) the major concept(s) you learned;

b) why were they a meaningful learning for you; and

c) describe your ideas about a potential practical, real-world example or application of the knowledge you gained.


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Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center is a non-profit health care facility based in Jasper, Indiana (MHHCC, 2018). The hospital offers a wide-ranging set of services, including emergency care, oncology and radiation services, and surgical services. MHHCC is quite popular in Dubois County, evidenced by the fact that over seventy-six percent of people within the county seek out the hospital’s inpatient services. MHHCC faces intense competition from other hospitals located in Dubois County. To remain competitive, the hospital came up with a program that allowed specialist physicians to travel to rural areas and offer their services to those who need them. Doing this gave the hospital a more positive outlook in these rural towns’ eyes, attracting more and more patients to MHHCC. Strategy development and implementation within the hospital are quite good and successful. In 2015, the hospital abandoned its traditional approach to strategy development, which involved meeting at retreats and coming up with strategies to help improve MHHCC’s performance (MHHCC, 2018). The hospital felt that this approach was too rigid. As such, it adopted a new approach, whereby strategy development would be a continuous process taking place throughout the year, not an isolated event that happens once or a couple of times across the year.(429words)