The profession of arms

ARMY WRITING STYLE: 2 page paper on reading the profession of arms

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Instructions. You are to read the Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms, dated 8 December 2010.Prepare an essay addressing the importance of the role of Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms. The paper must be at least two pages and written IAW the Army writing style. Use APA format, Arial font, 12 pitch.

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In this paper, my objective will be addressing the meaning of being an army profession and the essence of the balancing role among leaders. These are essential aspects of the army professional culture. I will also discuss the significance of human resource sergeant’s role in the profession of arms. You have to understand these functions as a competent professional in the army by reading and synthesizing the Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms (Dempsey, 2010). As leaders, you have to instill good morals and promote the army’s professional culture when delivering services. (700words)