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Stages of Change Management

Stages of Change Management

Assignment 2: Stages of Change Management – (30 points)

Read the following online article: Know the Stages in Change Management? Use a Change Management Checklist to Guide Your Efforts in Managing Change (Heathfield, 2015) (Links to an external site.).

Discuss each of the 6 stages in change management as outlined by Heathfield (initiation, investigation, intention, introduction, implementation, integration). Identify potential limitations barriers which may occur in each stage, as well as identify strategies for successfully achieving each stage. In your discussion, use examples from your workplace pertaining to current change that is taking place or change that you wish to implement. Develop an 8-10 page paper and support the discussion through additional research (5-7 references).

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Change is a constant and unavoidable phenomenon in the corporate world and in most other aspects of society. Some people welcome change, whereas others resist it as much as possible. To improve, people have to be willing to embrace change and even take active steps to bring them into being (Stouten et al., 2018). The complexity involved when making changes is one of the reasons people fear it. In the corporate world, market dynamics and subsisting economic conditions continually change; thus, it is imperative that organizations realize this and embrace the changes as they occur rather than resisting them. To effectively do this, they have to follow a six-stage model of change.(2553words)