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1) Clearly articulate the ethical issue common to treating substance use disorders/addictions. Please summarize the paragraph below in your own words.

The Ethics of HIV/AIDS

Taking the most ethical course of action becomes even more complex when HIV/AIDS is thrown into the mix of concerns that the client may present. HIV/AIDS has its own unique ethical issues. Because HIV can be transmitted through sexual activity and by sharing drug equipment, it evokes significant personal feelings and judgments in the general public, as well as in health and social service providers. Advocates for persons with HIV have fought for years to maintain confidentiality, avoid mandatory reporting, and ensure access to care for those with the disease. Because of the labels “drug abuser” or “homosexual” and the fear of a backlash toward people with HIV, advocates have been pushing strongly toward preventing discrimination. This has led to creating safeguards to protect these individuals from discrimination in health care, employment, housing, and other services.

2) From the Dolgoff and colleagues (2012) textbook, page 24, discuss how integrity and competence are related to the ethical issue.

3) From the Dolgoff and colleagues (2012) textbook, page 73, complete steps 1 through 7 of the decision making model (Figure 4.1). This would be based off of the ethical issue above.

5) The previous steps helped you analyze an ethical issue. With that said, please discuss how the findings from your analysis can guide your future social work practice in treating substance use disorders/addictions in urban, African American communities.


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Requirements: powerpoint

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  • Creating a support system for substance abuse patients will help in addressing substance abuse in African American community
  • Enhancing the counselor’s interpersonal skills
  • Will help address emerging issues while providing care to this community
  • Provision of cultural competence care to the patients to promote easier alignment

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