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Drug standards

Reflect on the content assigned for Week #3 using the below questions as a guide, at a minimum:

    • How important was establishing drug standards to the evolution of pharmacy as a profession?
    • The USP is celebrating its bicentennial in 2020. How relevant is it today?
    • What made you curious about this week’s content?
    • As the American pharmaceutical industry matured, what has been the primary positive things that have occurred? What have been the most negative things?
    • What impact has the maturation of the pharmaceutical industry had on health care in the United States?
    • Are there parallels between the late 1910s and today (100 + years later)?
    • minimun 2 pages of reflection
    • At least 3 cited sources

Answer preview

Since the 1808 Massachusetts Pharmacopeia that provided state guide to drug standards, there has been a critical emphasis on quality and safety in healthcare in US. Created in 1820, the USP has helped the world population gain confidence in health and healthcare (USP, n.d.).  As USP celebrates bicentennial in 2020, there is rejuvenation in quality expectations in line with the new evidence and expectations. Over the years, the standards have been routinely revised, improving healthcare services in the US. This is also important to the Pharmacists profession, emphasizing its value as the last in line to defend patients by ensuring medication high in quality, effective, safe, and genuine. This reflection highlights the importance of drug standards to the pharmacy profession, pharmaceutical industry maturity, and its impact in healthcare and established commitment amidst USP bicentennial celebrations. Drug standards are an important foundation in the maturity of the US pharmacy industry since USP has enhanced active support from a healthcare team to ensure high quality and safe healthcare services.(852words)

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