Economic and political systems

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 20 to 30 slides about Maggie Timoney (CEO of Heineken USA).

Only need the presentation file.

Tell the person’s or business’ story in your own words and in a coherent order.

Please cite ALL sources used on the last slide.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 20 to 30 slides. You need only the presentation file.  You must cite ALL sources used, on or offline, text, photos, videos, clipart, etc.  You may do this on the last slide. Include the following information:



Maggie Timoney (CEO of Heineken USA)


  1. Brief biography (or description of the business)
  2. Career description (or history of the business)
  3. Event that makes the person or business of interest in a Business Ethics Class
  4. Analysis of the person’s or business’s actions using at least two of the moral or justice theories we have covered.

Moral Standards:

3 theories of justice:

  • Utilitarianism: Utilitarians want an economic system that will bring more happiness to society than any other system.
  • Libertarianism: Libertarians value liberty, or personal freedom, above all. Everyone should be allowed to pursue their own happiness without interference from anyone else.
  • Egalitarianism: Egalitarians value a society based on equality of opportunity for all members.
  1. Where are they now? Or if they are deceased or retired, what happened to the business with which they were associated?



Do not use page transitions or special effects.  Avoid long lists of awards or indictments.  Review your presentation to avoid repeating information on multiple slides.  Be sure to include enough information to make your audience aware of who your subject is.  Review your presentation to make sure that everything is covered but nothing is repeated *.  Do not cut and paste information about your subject. Tell the person’s or business’ story in your own words and in a coherent order.

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´Maggie Timoney has a long and interesting career journey

´She was appointed as a CEO in the USA, Maggie served in different capacities

Roles as a CEO

´Maggie is responsible for managing the company’s overall operations

´Oversees all the operations taking place across the company

´Communicates on the behalf of the company with the government entities, shareholders, and the public

´Leads in developing a short and long-term strategy for the company

´Creates and implements the company’s or organization’s vision and mission

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Economic and political systems