Professional and Business Ethics

You will interview a working person about:

The ethical issues that a person encounters at work or sees others encounter

How those issues are resolved

Whether your subject believes the issues are handled fairly for all concerned

  1. Don’t use the interviewee’s last name or the name of their employer.
  2. The interview description plus your comments about how this issue relates to one of the modules should total 500 to 750 words. Please write in your own words

Please follow the attached requirement.

Professional and Business Ethics


You will interview a working person about:


  1. Don’t use the interviewee’s last name or the name of their employer.
  2. The interview description plus your comments about how this issue relates to one of the modules should total 500 to 750 words. Please write on your own words

Modules 1:

  • Utilitarianism
  • Libertarianism
  • Egalitarianism
  • Business Ethics
  • Moral Standards
  • Professional Codes of Ethics

Modules 2:

Modules 3:

  1. Workplace Issues
  2. Scientific Management
  3. Employment-at-Will
  4. Labor Unions
  5. Employee Responsibilities
  6. Conflicts of Interest

b Insider Trading

  1. Proprietary Data and Trade Secrets
  2. Whistleblowing
  3. Job Discrimination

Sexual harassment

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This issue relates to Module 3: Job Discrimination under sexual harassment. Jane’s story is not unique because, according to Johnson et al. (2018), approximately 35% of working women have experienced sexual-related harassment at least once over their careers. This number jumps to 45% for women working in technical fields that men majorly dominate. Additionally, about 55% of women in the senior management levels also experience some form of sexual harassment because men majorly surround them. Johnson et al. (2018) adds that according to the complaints received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2018, about 16% of the total sexual harassment cases were from men. This means that even men also experience sexual harassment. Organizations need to develop strict policies and measures to prevent any form of sexual harassment in the workplace. The employees should also be made aware of what sexual harassment is and ways to avoid it. Decisive and swift actions should be taken on all sexual harassment reported cases after thorough investigations have been done.

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Professional and Business Ethics

Navigating Change


Review the case study “Alaska Airlines: Navigating Change” and then complete the following: (a) State what actually occurred in the case regarding Kotter’s steps 5 and 6 of empowering employees for broad-based action and generating short-term wins, and (b) address each of the critical elements for Section II parts E and F in your change effort analysis. Make sure to include your recommendations for implementing Kotter’s steps 5 and 6.

E. Enable Action by Removing Barriers

  1. Identify the forces, barriers, and hindrances to the organizational change effort, and describe each.
  2. How can resistance be recognized? How will you eliminate resistance or mitigate its impact on the implementation of the change plan?
  3. Describe actions that will enable and empower employees to help drive the change effort.

F. Generate Short-Term Wins

  1. Determine how you will generate short-term wins. How will you reward these wins?
  2. What can be gained from short-term wins? Support your response.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a 3–6-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, oneinch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.

Requirements: 3-6 PAGES

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The resistance to change can be eliminated or its impact mitigated through various measures that promote employees’ active involvement and similar stakeholders. Most significant is crisis communication, with honest details which explain the need for change (Rafferty & Jimmieson, 2016). A systematic process can also involve setting the priorities right for the employees and being honest regarding the necessary changes. Necessary interventions also include comprehensive training programs to equip the employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in the new complex systems. The main consideration is to ensure the employees are confident that they can effectively undertake the new roles.

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Navigating Change

Financial markets

There are different implications of running a company that is within or outside of the European Union. If you were the head of HOME DEPOT firm based in the United States, please answer the following questions, providing the rationale behind your answers:

  1. Would you seek to acquire a company within the European Union or outside of it? Why?
  2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the choice you made.
  3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages inherent in the option you did not choose.
  4. Explain why an MNC may invest funds in a financial market outside its own country.
  5. Explain why some financial institutions prefer to provide credit in financial markets outside their own country
  6. Use the following outline to complete the assignment: Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methods, Discussion, Conclusion, References, and Appendix
  7. No Plagiarism
  8. Grading Criteria Percentage
    Deliverable requirements addressed; understanding of material and writer’s message and intent are clear 35%
    Scholarly research which supports writer’s position properly acknowledged and cited direct quotations may not exceed 10% of the word count of the body of the assignment deliverable (excluded title page, abstract or table of contents if used, tables, exhibits, appendices, and reference page(s). Inclusion of plagiarized content will not be tolerated and may result in adverse academic consequences. 20%
    Critical thinking: position is well justified; logical flow; examples 20%
    Structure: includes introduction and conclusion; proper paragraph format and reads as a polished, academic paper or professional presentation, as appropriate for the required assignment deliverable 10%
    Mechanical – no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors 10%
    APA – deliverable is cited properly according to the APA Publication Manual 5%

Requirements: 5-7 Pages

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Planning is essential, especially when an organization wishes to expand its operations into a foreign location. One of the critical aspects of the planning process revolves around assessments of a strategy’s upsides and downsides. From the discussion in the previous section of the paper, one can easily deduce that acquiring a European company is better than failing to do so. This choice has its set of upsides and downsides. One of the advantages of this decision is that the company will get access to immense up-to-date data to inform its decision-making. According to Hill et al. (2017), unlike other regional blocks, the EU has a comprehensive guide that provides real-time updates on the economic conditions, the political climate, existing laws and regulations, and the investment opportunities in member countries.

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Financial markets

Desert island album

Desert Island Rapper

We’ve all gotten a taste of isolation over the past year. Despite the wealth of media the internet provides us, the experience nonetheless drives home the idea of the “desert island album,” that old game in which you name a single album you would like to have if stranded on a desert island, and argue the reasons why.

For this essay I’d like you to choose your desert island rapper. If you could only listen to one rapper, who would it be, and why? They can be contemporary or old school. Make a case for them: why should we pay attention to this artist? Why should their work be included not only in places like rap-specific anthologies, but in places representative of all of English Literature? Show us why this rapper should be part of the canon of Great Works (the label this course falls under).

Your discussion may include a look at this artist’s use of poetic devices, a consideration of how their work holds up when compared to other works of literature (or, how well does their work explore the intricacies of human nature?), and how this work might be read in terms of the historical and cultural contexts out of which it was born. It can also include personal experience, anecdotes, opinion, etc. Make it lively.

Requirements: 1,750 words

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KRS One was born in 1965, and KRS One and his peers DJ Scott La Roc and D-nice founded Boogie Down Productions when he was only 22 years. While the group’s membership would change significantly over time, KRS One was the only member who remained for long (Himes, 2). Hip Hop was the culture that drove rap music, and KRS One has a significant place in its foundation. Indeed, He asserted that ”Rap is something you do, hip hop is something we live” (Parmar 29). This shows the artists have a firm position in the development and the history of hip hop and its popularity. In the 1980s, KRS one also pioneered the stop the violence movement, with Hip hop musicians who came together on an album entitled self-destruction. This followed an incidence of a young man being stabbed in an event where BDP was one of the groups performing and the subsequent association of the hip hop culture with violence. Hence, I consider KRS One my Desert Island Rapper but as the greatest and most influential hip-hop

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Desert island album

Comprehensive plan

Overview of Assignment. FACEBOOK is the company that my assignment should continue to be wrote about. Please put my final paper in order via the attached Milestone assignment papers.Then add the Executive Assignment to ensure everything is covered. Be sure to review the rubric to ensure you are covering everything required.

Your final project is a compilation of your milestones that incorporates feedback and suggestions from your instructor. Your paper should flow as a comprehensive plan and be 30-40 pages in length. This does not include the title page, executive summary or reference page.

The executive summary should summarize the key elements of your plan. Consider this an overview for anyone taking a quick glance at your plan, such as an investor or executive.

It is the written version of an elevator pitch. Some of the key points in the executive summary may include the following:

The need/problem

How the company will solve it

Details of the target market

How the company’s solution differs from that of the competition

Future expectations, goals, or milestones

The executive summary should be no more than 250 words in length. It should excite the reader about proposed business venture or activities. It should provide enough detail for the reader to understand the overall business project, should the reader decide not to read the actual business plan. The module resource articles will provide ideas for what should be included in each section of the executive summary. See the articles provided below as you prepare for week nine.

The article below provides information on issues that arise when doing business in an international arena

The article below provides assistance on preparing an Executive Summary (optional)

Requirements: 250 words

Compile the previous assignments which are attached. Then where I will need your skillset is writing the Executive Summary which should be 250 pages that encompasses the instructions from the Rubric where all details are ultimately retrieved from the 3 attached assignments.

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Facebook’s primary mission is: ‘‘to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together’’ (Zuckerberg, 2021, March 15). Hence the company is committed to using the internet and digital technology to create a social media community that enhances interaction among people from different parts of the world. Indeed, the platforms help people to share experiences, including ridiculous things, games, and serious things like supporting a sick person, helping a child get to college, learning new things, and handling new responsibilities such as the new moms, among others (Zuckerberg, 2021, March 15). The commitment is to make it easy for people to connect and accomplish a specific objective. Zuckerberg, the company
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Comprehensive plan

Changes in Benefits


Using the information in the memo above, create the following pieces of communication. Remember to tailor the information to be appropriate for the target audience.

1.An email to all affected employees

a.Describe what is changing and why.

b.Explain the benefits of the change and how it will affect employees.

2.A brief three-to four-slide presentation to the human resources team with speaker notes as needed

a.Describe what is changing and why.

b.Explain the benefits of the change and how it will affect these teams.

3.An audio script for a two-minute presentation for the CEO

a.Describe what is changing and why.

b.Explain the benefits of the change and how it will affect the CEO



Different audiences require different communication styles and media. In this assignment, you will communicate the same information to different audiences in different formats.

You have been coordinating with the benefits team to modify the current employee benefits package to support your long-term employee engagement and retention strategy.

After a lot of research and communication with different providers, the benefits team has sent you the following memo regarding the change. As part of the team spearheading the benefits change process, you are tasked with communicating details of the new package to the affected audiences.


From: Benefits Department

To: Director, Strategic Planning

RE: Change in Benefits

Overview: The company has had the same benefits provider for ten years and we have reached the end of the contract. As premiums and the cost to the company have increased every year, benefits have remained the same and even decreased in some areas. Additionally, employees have been sharing concerns regarding the cost, co-pays, coverage, and options of the current provider. Therefore, in order to conduct due diligence, the benefits team began reviewing other providers last year. Based on the feedback of employees and needs of the company, the following criteria were considered in the search:

Price of premiums

Lower deductibles

Improved dental plan option

Improved eye care plan option

Inclusion of health care savings or spending accounts

Enhanced long-and short-term disability coverage

Wellness programs

Reduced premiums for nonsmokers

After reviewing the different plans offered and extensive consultation with other stakeholders, the benefits team has selected a new program. Compared to the current program, employees will experience the following enhancements in the new program:

Plans with multiple deductible options

Health care savings account

A wellness program that offers access to a weight loss application, incentives for wellness visits and activity logs, and reimbursement for gym memberships and smoking cessation programs

Improved dental plan

Although these were part of the search criteria, the new program does not include:

Lower premiums

Improved eye care plan options

Reduced premiums for nonsmokers

Enhanced long-and short-term disability coverage

Benefits to the company include:

Reduced premiums for the employees engaging in wellness programs

Additional reduction in rates for in-network usage

The option of a “gold plan” for executives that is significantly more cost-effective than the previous plan

The new benefits plan will go into effect on January 1 of the new fiscal year and will be rolled out during the open-enrollment period of the current year.

Please contact the benefits department if you have any questions.

Requirements: 1-2 Pages, 3-4 slides, audio Script

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This shift embodies our willpower and dedication to supporting our able employees and improving their general well-being. We understand the importance of a thriving workforce in achieving our organizational goals. If you have any additional questions or need further clarification on the same, our benefits team will always be at your service. We all look forward to witnessing the positive impact this change will have on you, our employees, and the company. Your transformational leadership is fundamental, and your continued participation in this change will absolutely propel us toward even more achievements.

[485 Words]

Changes in Benefits

Compensation professionals

In preparation for this discussion, read Chapter 15 and locate a free article from the SHRM website that pertains to challenges facing compensation professionals. Then address the following:

In response to peers’ posts, engage in a conversational tone as you respond to their comments and takeaways.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Requirements: 1 page

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The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) website will continue to be valuable and relevant to my future career because it covers all areas of HR and it is easily accessible. The website will help me in complicated situations in the HR profession, such as developing job descriptions for an organization using the SHRM body of knowledge. Additionally, I can apply for a job on the SHRM board and become one of the board members. Even without membership of the website, it remains valuable due to its numerous articles based on the HR profession.

[352 Words]

Compensation professionals

Gender Balance

Available on May 21, 2022 11:59 PM. Submission restricted before availability starts.



On the Business in the Community website, as well as the Morgan Sindall corporate website, there is a campaign to “Increase the Participation of Women.” View the Morgan Sindall corporate website (especially the board of directors), and review sources from this module, to answer the following questions:

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Requirements: 1 page

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Like most organizations in the UK, Morgan Sindall has an obligation to increase gender diversity within its workforce and increase the participation of women in the company. To fulfill this obligation, the company’s board released a corporate message regurgitating its commitment to addressing the issue of women’s under-representation in the construction and engineering sector (Web Archive, 2016). This message will resonate not only within the company but also in the larger British society, mainly because the board has attained the gender balance it advocates for in other areas of the company and society. Essentially, since the company allows women to be members of its board and participate in top-level decision-making, people will be inclined to believe that the company’s corporate message will be implemented.

[413 Words]

Gender Balance

Competitive advantages

When managed well, diversity often enables companies to develop a variety of competitive advantages through the different talents and characteristics of employees. Diversity management is therefore emphasized in many business organizations.

Your assignment this week is to first watch the On-the-Job video of JetBlue that is located in the online Mind Tap content associated with this course. Watching this video will give you an excellent example of a company that effectively manages diversity. JetBlue set out to bring humanity back to air travel. Lisa Borromeo, the director of brand, advertising, and market planning at JetBlue Airways, states that the way to differentiate JetBlue from its competitors is its people. This is demonstrated in its focus on customers and crew members. Because JetBlue is based in New York City, its personnel and customers reflect the diversity of the city. The diversity of the employees helps them understand and fill the needs of the customers. Hiring is based on technical skills, knowledge, and the ability to do a specific job. Interviewers look for employees who are a good organizational fit. They match employee talents to the jobs that need to be done. JetBlue mentors employees who want to move up in the organization and promotes its employees.

After watching the video, identify another company that is effective at managing diversity and write a short, 2-page report on the company’s diversity efforts. You should focus specifically on the policies and practices that the company uses to enhance the management of employee diversity.

To identify key information, look through reputable news outlets and business publications (online and/or print) for stories about your selected company’s diversity management efforts. To better understand these efforts, you should be somewhat familiar with the company in terms of background, industry, operations, and/or culture.

The report should be approximately 2 single-spaced pages (12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins; page count does not include title page or bibliography). At least 5 credible sources (much more is preferable) should be cited that provide support for your assessment. The file submitted should be in Microsoft Word format.



Company Diversity Analysis Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts
Policy/Program Identification
10.0 pts

Diversity policies/programs are identified and clearly explained.

6.0 pts

Diversity policies/programs are somewhat well-identified.

1.0 pts

Diversity policies/programs are not well-identified.

Clarity, Conciseness, and Grammar
5.0 pts

Perfectly clear and concise; excellent grammar/no typos.

3.0 pts

Somewhat clear and concise; some grammar issues/typos.

1.0 pts

Not clear or concise; poor grammar/many typos.

Detail, Length, and Sources
10.0 pts

Appropriate amount of detail given about company diversity efforts, content is lengthy, and many sources are used beyond basic requirements.

6.0 pts

Insufficient amount of detail given about company diversity efforts, content is not lengthy, and few sources are used beyond basic requirements.

1.0 pts

Very poor detail, brief analysis, and not many sources used.

Total Points: 25.0

Answer preview

Gender issues have been a significant area of concern for many companies. However, Amazon has taken center stage in putting efforts on women and diversity. The company has been criticized for operating as a male club for many years, where women have no room to operate as top officers (Colazo, 2018). Considering that women constitute more than 40% of the global workforce, it has not been evident in Amazon’s leadership positions. However, new projects like HQ2 allowed Amazon to remedy its shortcomings. For instance, the company has started using the A.I. recruitment process to ensure women get the same opportunities as men (Dastin, 2018). Additionally, the company has strongly reviewed its policies to enable the provision of the same opportunities to men and women.

Organizational Politics and Power

While Amazon has taken all measures to improve diversity in all areas of the organization, it would be counterproductive not to look at the top institutional management. For a company to set a good example, the changes must start with the top management. Therefore, a company must demonstrate diversity from its top management and trickle down to its lower levels. After much struggle and debate, Amazon passed a vote that will help improve diversity and inclusion on its top management and board that will include both men and women (Florentine, 2018). That was an apparent gesture of how the company is committed to practicing diversity even among its top management.

[1232 Words]

Competitive advantages

Data Analytics

Assessment Description

Christian servant leaders profess to serve those whom they lead through love and the moral obligation to promote the greater good of others. Describe the leadership behaviors you would expect from a Christian servant leader and how those behaviors might differ from someone who is not a servant leader. Also, although servant leadership is often associated with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, explain whether you believe servant leadership is compatible with other religions or worldviews and why.

Leadership: Theory and Practice

Northouse, P. G. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. ISBN-13: 9781506362311

Requirements: 200 words

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This ensures that HR can strategically plan (Rubenstein, 2019). The human resource requires information on every aspect of the organization and business, including any information relevant to the business. The information is then analyzed to determine the most urgent actions that need to be taken. When HR focuses on the wrong data or ignores the information, it is likely to lead to inefficiencies and hinder collective actions. For instance, Lever utilizes cloud connect to identify the best talent for their organization (Cohen, 2019). The decision-making is based on the relevant information and is dependent on critically analyzing the data. Through storytelling, it can help connect with other people and help them understand how the company works. In addition, when people engage in storytelling, one can help indicate how their opinions, views, and values are formed based on something (Newstex, 2017). Data analysis can ensure that the organization’s needs are met. It also helps inform the organization’s decisions concerning hiring, training, operations, and the overall functionality of the business.

[283 Words]

Data Analytics