Real-time data

Provide an example in which real-time data can be used as a competitive advantage for corporations. Why do you feel this real-time data is an advantage? How long can the advantage last?

At least 250 words.

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When this process is made the norm in the organization, it facilitates employing advanced techniques to better understand the customers. When an organization can develop a data-driven work environment that fosters collaboration, data analysis in real-time becomes a competitive advantage (Hagiu & Wright, 2020). This real-time data is advantageous because the organization starts treating data as an asset in the decision-making process. Since the data is up to date, reliable, and better targeted, mistakes and errors within the corporation are reduced. Real-time insights also facilitate reacting quickly to the identified errors to prevent an operational problem. The real-time data is also advantageous because the analytics keeps the organization ahead of the competitors or in a position to get notified when the direct competitors change their strategy or lower their prices. These advantages of real-time data should last if the organization exists unless the organization’s culture is changed. That is why using real-time data as a competitive advantage requires an organization to develop a data-driven culture.

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Real-time data

Structuring of businesses


Needing someone to complete these discussions questions I will have listed below:

1.Describe and discuss four types of social responsibilities that managers can consider.

2.Identify, describe, and discuss the major sources of barriers to entry.

3. Describe and discuss four strategy levels involved in the evolution of a global corporation.

4. Describe and discuss the elements of a SWOT analysis. What are the limits to its effectiveness? What are the advantages to using a SWOT analysis?

5.How does low-cost leadership differ from a differentiation strategy and a focus strategy? Discuss in detail.

6. Define differentiation. Evaluate a business’s differentiation opportunities using skills, resources and organizational requirements. What potential risks managers must take into account as they evaluate the differentiation – based advantages?

7.Why must each core competency provide a relevant competitive advantage to the intended businesses when pursuing a synergy approach?

8.What are three important qualities of effective short-term objectives? Try to identify an organization that uses these qualities and describe each of these in your answer.

9. Describe and discuss globalization as a trend shaping the structuring of businesses today.

10. Describe and discuss three ways good leaders go about building the organization they want and deal with problems that arise.

About 100 words each. Needs to be correct with no grammatical errors.

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There are a couple of barriers that make it harder for new companies to get a foothold within an existing market (Karakaya & Parayitam, 2013). One of these barriers is economies of scale. Existing companies have an advantage in that they have better economies of scale compared to new entrants, an aspect that makes it harder for new entrants to get a foothold in the market.  The second barrier is capital requirements. New companies need a considerable capital outlay when trying to break even (Karakaya & Parayitam, 2013). The third barrier revolves around product differentiation, which revolves around the esteem attached to products from a particular company. New companies will always find it hard to compete against established brands with significant customer loyalty. Finally, new companies have challenges developing distribution networks that will avail the products they manufacture to their target markets (Karakaya & Parayitam, 2013).

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Structuring of businesses

Principal-Agent Relationship

Weekly Learning Objective: Learner will review the elements of the relationship between agent principal.

Using the Blog Rubric listed below for the specific grading criteria, complete the following:

It is often said the concept of "fiduciary" is at the heart of agency law. Research and define what it means to be a "fiduciary" or to possess a
"fiduciary duty." Identify and describe the five duties an agent is said to owe his principal. Give an example where you have seen or
experienced the concept of a fiduciary relationship in your own personal or business lives. Have you have been involved in a situation where
you felt a fiduciary duty had been breached? Were you correct, and if so, why?

1. Use the same blog you created in Week 3.
2. Post a new blog entry that addresses the information above.
3. In the Blackboard Discussion Boards>Week 5: Blog #2, create a thread titled with your first and last name, and post the link to your blog by Day 3.
4. Select a blog of one of your peers to review. Post your response to the Discussion Board thread (not the actual blog) by Day 7.
Support your thoughts using a minimum of two academic, peer-reviewed sources (outside the textbook). Websites such as Wikipedia,
LegalZoom, LegalMatch, Nolo, etc. do NOT count as academic sources. A good place to start is the Davenport University Library. Substantial blog
entries should contain at least 1200 words.
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Even though an agent acts on behalf of their principal, it does not give them authority to act arbitrarily and autonomously unless that’s acceptable to a principal v. As long as the instructions given to agents by a principal lack ambiguity, they have to comply with every aspect of the instructions handed to them. In the case directions emanating from a principal are ambiguous, agents have to seek clarification from their principals. Reasonability also features heavily with respect to the duty to obey. Reasonability is subjective, but in most cases, it gets pegged upon the accepted practices within an industry. Therefore, agents have an obligation to abide by the directives issued by principals faithfully. However, there are instances when an agent can deviate from the guidelines handed to them. Whenever an agent provides a particular professional service to a principal, they have the autonomy to act as they see fit, as long as it is in the furtherance of the principal’s interests (Wyse, 2008).

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Principal-Agent Relationship




Training evaluations are important to determine if the selected training solution was effective and provided the appropriate return on investment.

Discuss as a team the last training program you attended (at work, school, other).

Select one of your team members’ experiences and design a training evaluation form.

Write a 525- to 700-word description of the training program selected by the team.

Provide an explanation of how you would evaluate the training program. The Kirkpatrick Model for the Effectiveness of Training is to be used for the evaluation. There are details on the model below and on the discussion thread,

Steps of Kirkpatrick Model

There are four levels to Kirkpatrick’s Model that look at training effectiveness in different time frames and areas.

Level one – (this is the level you should focus on the most in the week three assignment). This level is done immediately after the conclusion of training and measures the immediate reaction of participants at the conclusion of the training. This is most often done with a survey or interview and should cover the if the learning objectives were met, the learning environment, the instructors performance, the delivery methods used and the content of the course. The survey or interview will give the designer or instructor an opportunity to make quick course adjustments.

Level two – is used to determine if learning occurred during the course. In other words do the participants know or can do more after the course than they could do before? This can be done with a pre and post assessment which should be the same instrument. The pre assessment measures what KSA’s the participants came into the course already having developed. The post assessment measure what they know after the course is completed. The goal is to compare the pre to the post assessment and see progress has been made in the participants KSA’s.

Level three – this step measures if learning is transferred from the training environment and applied in the work place. Training is only effective if it is applied. This is done around two months after the training is completed by observation, a survey or interview. Data can also help in this step.

Level four – The Return on the Investment. This step is done by converting the costs of doing training and the savings or benefits realized from the training. The costs of doing training are compared to the outcomes to determine if the ROI is positive or negative.

All levels must be covered in the assignment.

Include what you are specifically measuring, the time frame, a description of the evaluation form, and how it will appropriately measure the training solution.

Create a one-page training evaluation form that includes questions on all aspects to be measured – learning environment, instructor performance and learning objectives met.

Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.


(The professor messaged this to us, hope it helps)

Start the paper with an opening paragraph that includes a thesis – what the paper will be about. Then describe the training activity that will be evaluated including the learning objectives for the course.

Then evaluate the course by covering all four levels of the Kirkpatrick Model.

Level 1 – immediate reaction to the training by participants

Level 2 – did learning occur by the participants

Level 3 – did what was learned transfer to the work place

Level 4 – measure the return on the investment for doing the training

Final step is to create a level one evaluation form that measures the following areas for effectiveness- were the learning objectives met – Instructor performance – learning environment effectiveness:

Use open ended questions and leave space for participant comments.

Two references are required and must be listed at the end of the paper and in the body of the paper where used.

The bold letters is what I am to work on which is the thesis, introduction to the training activity that will be evaluated, level one of the Kirkpatrick Model, the conclusion and the level one evaluation form. Thank you

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I would evaluate the program using the first level of Kirkpatrick’s model, known as a reaction. According to Heydari, Taghva, Amini, and Delavari (2019), the first level model helps solicit opinion during the evaluation of the sexual harassment training program. This level is majorly concerned about the satisfaction of the whole process. The community development organization that I attended, referred to level as the feedback level process. The model effectively analyzes the impact of training and assesses how well the trainees or participants learned and the possibility of improving their learning in the future. The delivery method for training participants was also evaluated to ascertain efficiency. The first level represents a more precise measure of assessing the training program’s effectiveness because it ascertains the participants (Rouse, 2011). This level provides answers on whether the people perceived the training as valuable. It measures the level of people’s engagement, their reaction towards the raining and whether they actively contributed to assess how well the staff received the training. This assessment aims to enable the developer of the training program to make adjustments in the future by including the missing topics.

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Sexual harassment training

Strategy+Business Magazine

Please read the attached article from Strategy+Business Magazine titled: The New Supercompetitors. Note the number of food and consumer goods companies illustrated in the article. Over the past decade major international food companies have arisen through mergers and acquisitions. There are distinct strategies that have driven these actions.

Quality answer. All parts answered. No plag or grammatical errors.
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Supercompetitors have created a sumptuous business market because companies focus on what they can do best for a long-term benefit. By doing this, I believe it establishes more focused business enterprises that create value, preferably in the market. Regarding my future career attribution, I think the strategies and categories of Supercompetitors, such as distinctive capabilities, help me reshape relevance. Value proposition and preferences in foodservice are very crucial factors in developing scalability and relevance. Therefore, I believe by focusing on distinctive capabilities; I will establish stability and growth in the foodservice business industry. The trends and strategies of Supercompetitors in different sectors will indeed continue because of stiff competition. Hence, companies that will strive will only focus on creating a competitive advantage that is brought about through distinctive capabilities. Finally, large global companies
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Strategy+Business Magazine

Social performance of organizations

According to the textbook, the current world economy is increasingly becoming integrated and interdependent; as a result, the relationship between business and society is becoming more complex. In this assignment, you will be researching a Fortune 500 company from an approved company list provided by your professor. Be sure to check the list before you begin.

Write a four to six (4–6) page paper in which you:

  1. Specify the nature, structure, and types of products or services of your company, and identify two (2) key factors in the organization’s external environment that can affect its success. Provide an explanation to support the rationale.
  2. Suggest five (5) ways in which the primary stakeholders can influence the organization’s financial performance. Provide support for the response.
  3. Specify one (1) controversial corporate social responsibility concern associated with your company.
  4. Submit a reference page with at least four (4) quality references that you have used for this paper. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • This course requires the use of new Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different from other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.
  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow SWS or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The SWS details have been attached along with the instructions for this assignment.

The details of the assignment as well as the University writing standards for the paper have been attached.

I do have one more piece of material. Attached is a discussion post explaining how this assignment will be submitted and graded utilizing the SafeAssign program. Therefore, try to use as few quotes as possible, as it will raise the percentage of un-original content and lower the grade of the assignment.

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Nike is a US company that specializes in sportswear. Nike and its partner companies designs, sell, and develops sports equipment across the world, and the product categories are Nike basketball, running, Jordan brand, sportswear, training, and football brand. The company deals with American football, cricket, tennis, wrestling, and skateboarding, among other games. Nike also deals in performance accessories that include sports balls, gloves, bats, and protective equipment. Counterfeiting is one external factor that affects Nike. Counterfeiting refers to the creation of goods that are not original but copy cats of the authentic products. According to Chiu & Leng (2015), the market for counterfeit goods is significant, with pirated goods in 2007 being $250 billion. In apparel, athletic clothing and shoes are the most pirated products. Trends on sports clothing have changed thanks to successful marketing by companies manufacturing sports

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Social performance of organizations

Reality-Based Leadership by Cy Wakeman


Complete an analysis of the book Reality Based Leadership by Cy Wakeman.

Include the following in your analysis

1. In chapter one Cy addresses the issues reasons leadership seems so tough, focus and energy are being spent on what? When it should be spent on what?

2. What are your thoughts on her list of, “measuring your office’s freakout factor” Do you agree? Disagree? Explain

3. Cy speaks to the chain of events that leads from an event to its (albeit disappointing) results. List the chain events and very briefly explain

4. Would you rather be right or widely successful? Do you agree with Cy or disagree? Explain.

5. Explain lead first manage second, reference Cy from this chapter.

6. What does Cy mean when she talks about playing favorites – Work with the Willing.

7. What are the three stages Cy speaks to regarding change?

8. What are the three core competencies that make people bullet-proof? Briefly explain

9. What are the three common mistakes to avoid?

10. What are the limiting beliefs Cy mentions? Briefly explain

11. What is Cy referencing when she speaks to ambiguity?

12. Complete the assessment on Appendix 2. Be honest with yourself when answering the questions. Then write a brief paragraphs of what you learned about yourself and how you might use this information.

Last paragraph, what did you like about the book and what did you not agree with. It is ok to disagree with an author, remember this is just one opinion and I want you to use this information to further develop your own views and thoughts. If you quote from the book be sure to properly site. I want to hear your words not complete quotes from the book.

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The listed chain starts with an incident and ends up bringing disappointing results. The chain starts with an event, which might be a mistake done by one of the employees or departments. The second in the list is thinking, which happens after an event has occurred. For example, the order fulfillment officer may receive an order with missing information from other departments. As a result, the order fulfillment officer may start to think that other departments are lazy. As thinking progresses, the person might develop emotions that lead to the third component of the chain, which is feeling. The feeling makes someone angered or stressed because of the event that happened earlier. Feeling leads to action, which is the fourth event in the chain.  Because the feelings were not good, the person might act rudely or defensively. The last thing in the chain is the results, where the person may be disappointed by the things he/she did while being angry or stressed.

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Reality-Based Leadership by Cy Wakeman

Employee’s ethical decision making

ART I: Essay Questions (20 points each)

Instructions: Answer any two of the following four questions. Each essay should include citations from course or independent materials. Failing to provide this information will lower your grade. Each answer should be 2 – 3 pages in length. Please identify which questions you are answering.

Essay #1: Moral Exemplar

Describe a public sector moral exemplar in your own life. Why do you consider this individual to be a moral exemplar? Use Cooper’s discussion of exemplary public administrators to guide your answer.

Essay #2: Organizational Ethics

What do research findings say about the power of organizations to influence employee’s ethical decision making? How can organizations structure themselves to overcome these challenges? How can an organization promote ethical behavior? How can individuals encourage organizations to be places where ethical analysis drives behavior? Besides modeling, what can one person do?

Essay #3: Applied Ethics: Vermont State Code of Ethics

The State of Vermont does not have a Code of Ethics. The state recently organized the Vermont State Ethics Commission to create a Code of Ethics and is seeking public input on a draft code of ethics for elected and public officials. Unless you are a Vermont resident, it would not be appropriate to submit your input. However, it is interesting to see how these things develop. Take a look at the draft at the link below (about 7 pages long). Do you think the draft is sufficient? Is it thorough enough? What are its best points? What areas could be improved? Other suggestions?…blic%20Comment%20July%2010%202020.docx


For more information on the Vermont State Ethics

Essay #4: Internal and External Factors

Practicing ethical public administration entails many different behaviors both internally (within the organization) and externally (outside the organization). Elaborate on the ways that these internal and external factors impact ethical behavior. What steps that have been taken to curtail unethical behavior.

PART II: Case Study (15 points)

Instructions: Chose from one of the cases in the O’Leary book: Chapter 4, Chapter 5, or Chapter 6). Identify an ethical issue with this case study. Consider the competing obligations and responsibilities that these individuals faced and how they determined whether their actions were right. Think about the impact of guerrilla government on the political appointees, organization, and public policy. Your response should be about 2 – 3 pages long, identify the case study you chose, include a description of the ethical issue(s), an explanation of why you think the career employees were motivated to use guerilla tactics as a solution despite the risks to their careers, and whether their choice of guerilla action. Explain how these actions affected the organization and public policy. Conclude with an evaluation of the potential lessons for public administrators and the importance of these lessons. Include at least two citations beyond the O’Leary book to

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Organizations have a massive impact on the ethical decisions made by the employees. The primary influencer in the ethical conduct of employees is the personal code of ethics. However, there are also organizational aspects that influence the ethical conduct of the employees. One organizational aspect is the behavior and conduct of the leaders. Employees tend to follow the examples that have been set by the managers. When leaders establish misleading behaviors, then the employees are likely to copy them. Leaders can influence the ethical climate of their organizations under the position they hold in the companies. Leaders who have legitimate power have under their positions, access to power, and are expected to set the values to guide the organization, create a vision for the company in addition to ensuring that values and visions of the company are implemented. Other employees of the organization will agree to the leadership roles and ideals provided by the manager because they are legitimately in power.

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Employee’s ethical decision making

COVD-19 on commercial contracts

describing what the Saudi Arabian government did to fight the impact of COVD-19 on commercial contracts, and then tell what other countries did.

Start describing what the Saudi Arabian government did to fight the impact of COVD-19 on commercial contracts, and then tell what other countries did.

You can work on these three measures:

1-The deferment of tax payment.

2- Supporting SMEs

3- Slashing salaries.

If you find better measures than I provided ,go ahead and work on them.

NB: Keep to Saudi Arabia as the main focus of the essay, but when discussing measure after measure simply say one or two sentences something like ” most countries introduced similar measures with the exception for example China or whatever.

*After each measure, it is important to show the following:1- Does business agree with the measures, do they think it’s a good idea? 2- Did these measures proven to have an effect? to be effective.

NB: Do not introduce these measure only, Are these measures working? Are they effective?

*Saudi Arabia is quite a rich country which means there is a lot of money which can be spent. Does this make the measures different from other countries? May be Saudi Arabia have more fund and could afford to have measures which are different from other countries.

about 1500 words.

The references no less than 10

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Saudi Arabian government has taken another measure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses. It has focused on increasing the liquidity to its farms (Fusco, 2020, p. 2) by allocating stimulus package. For instance, $15 billion, out of the Saudi Arabian stimulus package, was set aside for banks to support private companies (AlHumaid Ali, & Farooq, 2020, p. 505). Since most small and medium-sized businesses are private companies, the measure was beneficial to small businesses because the owners could access funds for continuing with their business operations. It is because COVID-19 came with difficulties, including a lack of customers, meaning that small businesses are not generating income as before. Therefore, the measure may help businesses acquire funds to complete contract obligations they might have already agreed on before COVID-19 became a pandemic. Similarly, the Chinese government has also adopted the same measure to ensure that the pandemic does not ruin small and medium-

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COVD-19 on commercial contracts

Wells Fargo Lawsuit

Describe an action a regulatory agency took against a business in the past 6 months. Post a link to your source. Do you agree or disagree with the action? Explain your reasoning and support it with the materials from this week.

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The action taken by the US Justice Department focused on the fake accounts run by this organization and not on the lawsuits filed by employees on mistreatment, client borrowers, or even homebuyers that have been the recorded cases. A deferred prosecution agreement was involved in legal proceedings to resolve the criminal actions of falsifying bank records and running fake accounts. Under this agreement, Wells Fargo is not to be prosecuted for the next three years if only it abides by specific conditions that include further continued investigations. Furthermore, the organization reached a civil settlement with the government over its fraudulent activities $3 billion fine covering for the three investigations.

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Wells Fargo Lawsuit