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In a fully developed paragraph, explain the differences between approaches to race issues taken by Washington and Dubois. Given what you know of their biographies from today’s reading, why do you think each writer has decided upon his approach to racial equality?

Note: do not use outside sources

Requirements: fully developed paragraph

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Dubois critiqued Washington’s handling of racial issues, emphasizing that African Americans needed to seek justice and civil rights by fighting the oppressive rule. Dubois encouraged African Americans not to embrace the separate but equal rules based on Washington’s ideology that Blacks could only survive through submission. Hence, Dubois formed movements, such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) (Berke et al., 2015). This organization pushed for equality for people of color in political, educational, and economic scenes and fought against racial prejudice. Of significance is noting that Dubois promoted protests through movements on racial equality because he believed that his academic abilities would not set him apart. Due to his frustration

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Economically independent