Educational Leadership

Please carefully follow these instructions:

Submit 8 (each of your critiques must be a minimum of 400 words) typed critiques of articles from the professional magazine Educational Leadership. Please use substantial articles that are at least 3 full pages (but you can combine shorter articles into 1 article critique) and use recent articles (2010 – present).

Include the article title, month, year, page numbers and word count of your critique in the heading. (Example: #1 Article Title Jan. 2021. Pages 52-57. 6p. Word Count: 467)

It can be found in the UCF library (access online). The articles MUST come from the professional magazine entitled Educational Leadership .

  • The critique must include a brief summary and your analysis of the article.
  • Please include all your article critiques in one file and number them 1- 8.

Instructions for finding articles in the professional journal entitled Educational Leadership .

Go to the UCF library home page ( (Links to an external site.) )

Click on “Journals List” (in the black section at the top of the page)

Type in “Educational Leadership” in Journal Search at the top of the page

Click on 1 Educational leadership (Online) at the top of the page

Click on “ EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier ” (under Full Test Availability)

Click on the Year and then the Month (on the right side of the page)

Look through the articles and find ones that interest you and click on “PDF Full Text”. The articles must be at least 3 pages or you can combine 2 shorter articles for 1 article critique (the page numbers and number of pages are shown with each article and should be included in your article critique heading– example p72-75. 4p.)

**(Please make sure that you are using the monthly professional journal Educational Leadership published by the Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development. Don’t use “educational leadership” as a topic to find articles.)**

Requirements: 400 word each article


 you have to write 400 words for each 8 article about educational leadership

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Simmons 2019 narrates his experience as a new teacher and the multiple challenges and mistakes in classroom management. The tip recommended to reach the heights of classroom management is to exhibit the characteristics of a lion. It includes speaking with authority, following through with consequences, making eye contact, and showing no compromise about learners meeting expectations. However, the teachers should shift into a lamb and demonstrate a soft side. Another tip is teaching routines and procedures. The educator must effectively communicate with students about the plan of the course and class. Setting clear expectations of student conduct, such as raising a hand instead of blurting out questions. However, other procedures must be taught progressively to avoid overwhelming the learners with multiple instructions. Thirdly, a teacher should help everyone save face. The educator needs to avoid embarrassing the student and themselves by engaging in a fight and flight exchange of words. Serving face preserves the reputation of the learner and leads to a positive outcome (Simmons 2019). Teachers need to keep instructions brisk to enhance classroom management

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Educational Leadership