Growth-focused counseling

Describe the topic above. What wisdom is being imparted? What aspects of the wisdom are related to positive psychology or growth-focused counseling? Explain

Summarize the research you have found and discuss how it relates to the assigned topic.

How would counselors or human service professionals make use of this wisdom and research in their work with clients? What techniques would they use to integrate this into their work?

How do you make sense of this wisdom and research? Does it impact you in any way? If so, how might you integrate it in your life? If not, explain why not

Requirements: 3 pages

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Even though individuals cannot form intimate friendships with every friend in their lives, people are encouraged to try and form these friendships with a few of their friends. Amati et al. (2018) argue that intimate friends will always be there for each other during the good and bad times, always listen to one another and empathize with the struggles and challenges experienced by friends. Furthermore, Amati et al. (2018) posit that whenever a person is with an intimate friend, they will enjoy spending time with them. This is because such a friend makes a person feel good about themselves when they are around them. According to Amati et al. (2018), these friendships are crucial for two primary reasons. Intimate friendships make people’s lives a lot better and more enjoyable. These friendships allow people to share lives with people they love, thereby enriching their daily experiences.

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Growth-focused counseling