(Emotion, stress, and health

I have a project about Emotion, stress, and health

1- The minimum number of words is 300

2- Plagiarism over 10% will result in significant loss of 5 out of 10 points.

3- Materials to read include ONLY the textbook and activities on the MacMillan launchpad on chapter 12: Emotion, stress, and health/ No internet-based work will be accepted.


After reading chapter 12 (Emotion, stress, and health), define stress and emotions and state how stress relates to people’s health and happiness.

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Stress is the process used by the body to respond to specific events or situations in life that are perceived as challenging or threatening. The threatening or challenging life events are called stressors and can result in strong negative reactions depending on their degree. The things that contribute to stress differ widely from one person to another. The causes of stress can include the occurrence of catastrophes or large-scale events in life, significant changes in life like life transitions or personal events, and daily challenges experienced by a person (Myers and DeWall, 2007). Prolonged levels of stress are harmful to a person’s health. Emotions are the adaptive responses that people use to support their survival. Emotions are the feelings that a person experience when stressed and can include fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, or sadness.  Therefore, emotional feelings are aroused automatically by the nervous system when a person experiences a certain event or situation in life.