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Discussion Board: Ending Prohibition (Again?)

Many people have said history tends to repeat itself, while others believe that we learn from the mistakes of the past. After reading your text consider the modern prohibition of Marijuana. In your discussion, explain how the modern prohibition of marijuana and the movement to decriminalize it is either similar or different from the Progressive Era prohibition of alcohol. You may consider the following questions, but you are not limited to them: How is the current debate similar or different to the prohibition movement in the early 1900s? In you opinion, would lifting the prohibition on marijuana be beneficial or harmful to the country? What potential problems might this bring the US? Fully explain your answers and include outside citations as needed.

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  2. In your initial post, include at least one interesting question the readings raised for you
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link to book https://openstax.org/books/us-history/pages/22-introduction

Christophe N


By the 1990s, the purchase and consumption of marijuana and other narcotics had become a growing activity among the population. In fact, the American government having noted that these activity had serious consequences on population. However, violence, crime, sex assault was due to heavy use of drugs and alcohol. That is why American administration took measures to stop and regulate, by imposing heavy tax on all imports and marketing on its territory. Therefore any possession and consumption of cannabis without authorization was considered as an infringement of the law. After a wave of protest from many pharmaceutical laboratory claiming that cannabis or marijuana had therapeutic effects, it is sometimes used for medical reason, the drug is use as pain killer, it is beneficial for people being under chemotherapy. In addition, thesis for medical use was advanced, therefore many States start legalized the use and marketing of this drug while limiting doses.

I think banning marijuana in the united states would be harmful to the country. firstly, it will be a shortfall for the American treasury, because they will no longer be able to levy the taxes due to this activity. secondly, patients who were under treatment with this plant will be in danger because they can no longer benefit from this prescription.

However, some industries that have invested millions of dollars in this business may have gone bankrupt and the staff unemployed. It will therefore be important for the administration to increase control without prohibiting it, at the risk of creating other problems which may impact the lives of millions of employees in this sector.

Like tobacco, marijuana has negative effects on the health of consumer, why Administrations prohibiting the sale of marijuana only?

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Hanh D

Discussion: Ending Prohibition Again

The word “marijuana” was added to the English vocabulary by malicious companies with the intention of changing people’s views of marijuana, from a plant useful for fiber and medicine, to a dangerous, addictive, and destructive human substance. And I think the modern prohibition of marijuana and the Progressive Era prohibition of alcohol are really similar. The purpose of both bans is to reduce crime, but the results are exactly the opposite. Illegal activities increase and organized crime increases in size and earn a large amount of money from there. For alcohol, the Twenty Amendment was passed to abolish the Eighteenth Amendment and minimum age can drink. For marijuana, through the Substance Control Act, marijuana is placed in the federal classification, mean depend on the state allows use of marijuana to legalize, or Medical, or completely illegal. In fact, alcohol is way more dangerous than marijuana, millions of people have died from alcohol, whether it be alcohol poisoning, or kidney failure, or drunk driver crashes.

In my opinion, lifting the prohibition on marijuana be beneficial or harmful to the country always depend on the one who uses it. Marijuana has harmful effects on the brain and respiratory health when user overuse it. The legalization of marijuana will help eliminate the black market. Marijuana has proven to be beneficial to health. It can help with epilepsy, migraines, anxiety, and help with cancer pains. The potential problems might this bring the US the number of accidents will most likely increase and create more deaths as usage increases, marijuana can be used nationwide, and drug abuse will increase, then other types of crimes will occur.

My question is: Do you think the health benefits of marijuana is the only reason to legalize marijuana use?


Hughes, Trevor. “Marijuana’s Legalization Fuels Black Market in Other States.” USA Today. 1 Aug. 2017. https://usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2017/07/31/marijuana-black-market/507417001/.

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The current debate about cannabis prohibition is similar to the progressive prohibition of alcohol in the 1900s. An issue was raised in the 1900s that alcohol was contributing to poverty and domestic violence (openstax.org). By 1919, the Progressive prohibition of alcohol succeeded, and the Eighteenth Amendment was created to prohibit the making and distribution of alcohol. Prohibition of alcohol did not last for long after it was faced with opposition from the public. Doctors demanded whiskey as it was used in medical procedures, and the public demanded the liquor. Similarly, the same has happened to the prohibition of cannabis. Many reforms have been done to the law prohibiting cannabis in the USA. Like alcohol, doctors and pharmaceuticals have demanded the use of cannabis because of its medical advantages. The greatest prohibition repeal was done in 2019 when the MORE Act was formed to decriminalize cannabis in the USA.(355 words)