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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Re-ignite is a company that offers educational travel experiences aimed at the senior market. The company recently designed an interactive website that coordinates information about travel and learning opportunities offered by their partners and associates. Discuss methods to incorporate social media to help build awareness and interest in their company and bring potential customers to their site

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Social media marketing is an effective tool to reach organizational marketing goals, such as building brand awareness and traffic on their site. Re-ignite Company can incorporate social sharing facilitated by social media platforms to help build awareness, interest, and attract potential customers to their website. Dedeoğlu et al. (2020) note that participant social sharing on past experiences helps to build awareness by providing the opportunities to strike comments about the experiences. In this approach, the Company should include sharing buttons to enhance its effectiveness.  The other method to incorporate social media in building awareness is through content planning and promotion. The Company can create blogs about the Company`s learning opportunities and travel experiences and post them on different platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Consistency in providing this information helps to attract a loyal following, which ultimately increases awareness, interest in the Company, and traffic on their site.(364 words)

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