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Unit 5 writing assignment ethics in healthcare admin

If you were in a position of management how could you ensure compliance within your staff? In a well-organized essay, explain how you think this event impacted your credibility, your views, and your faith? Your paper will be graded based on communication, originality, critical thinking, integration, and Christian Worldview.

o Requirements: Minimum of 500 words; APA format.

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 In every organization, there are relevant regulations and procedures that every staff has to follow. However, in most cases, following them becomes disastrous, and people do whatever they feel like, not minding the set rules in the organization. Therefore, instituting these policies and ensuring that they are followed to the letter is a herculean task as a manager. It calls for the ability to enhance compliance without any issue of disagreement in the workplace. Writing down the procedures to be followed in the workplace and rewarding employees who comply are ways I could have used to enhance compliance in the workplace since they create awareness about the organization’s rules and encourage those who pursue them to continue doing so.