Evangelistic organization

cross-cultural evangelism, describe an evangelistic method or technique that you believe to be useful when reaching out to persons from a culture different than your own. Cite in current APA format a cross cultural evangelism strategy or mission statement from at least 1 evangelistic organization that you at agree or partially agree with.

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parts and not the outer parts, an evangelist should never discriminate against people, as we are all equal in God’s eyes.

The Church of God is an evangelistic organization, with its mission and vision statement based on the listed seven commitments. These are prayer, Pentecostal worship, world evangelization, and painting the church. Others are leadership development, care, and interdependence (Mission and Vision. (n.d.). These commitments are believed to reflect the core values of a true Christian. I completely agree with their mission statement because, as a Christian, prayer and worship are crucial. Also, Christians must make it their duty to be evangelists and use their resources to make the church more beautiful by planting trees.

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Evangelistic organization