Financial risks

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Recent turmoil in the capital markets underscored for hospital leaders the negative impact of various liability-side risks. What are several types of financial risks that a health care organization could take in the course of operations? Cite at least two outside resources.

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Essentials of Health Care Finance

Cleverley, W. O., & Cleverley, J. O. (2018). Essentials of health care finance (8th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 9781284094633

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, The patient files a lawsuit, leading to substantial lawsuit costs for the health facility (Byrd et al., 2013). Further, liquidity risks are prevalent if the health facility fails to meet the short-term obligations for its debt. The organization may fail to convert an asset to cash due to the inefficiencies in the market. Notably, the covid-19 pandemic has affected the market with isolation and stay-at-home measures. Hence, the inability to adapt to the changes progressively has presented challenges for businesses to stand out in the market.

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Financial risks