Organizational Control

For this assignment, the Group will analyze the assigned Company’s current condition. You will use the text chapters 10 and 11 as your framework for the analysis, and will incorporate information from external sources including the company and other credible sites.

Your Group deliverable will be presented in APA format, will include appropriate topical headings to organize and segment the paper, with correctly formatted citations and references. This deliverable is due at 11:59 PM CT Sunday, at the end of Week 7.

Minimally the report will include the following:

Just need the organizational Control!!!


Group Deliverable


Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResponds fully to the assignment
4.0 ptsExcellent 3.0 ptsGood 1.0 ptsNot Quite Adequate 0.0 ptsPoor
4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeInvokes and uses disciplinary facts correctly
2.0 ptsGood 1.0 ptsNot Quite Adequate 0.0 ptsPoor
2.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProvides adequate supporting arguments with reasons, evidence, and examples
2.0 ptsGood 1.0 ptsNot Quite Adequate 0.0 ptsPoor
2.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIs focused, well organized, and unified
1.0 ptsGood 0.0 ptsPoor
1.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUses direct language that is appropriate for the audience
2.0 ptsGood 1.0 ptsNot Quite Adequate 0.0 ptsPoor
2.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCorrectly documents and cites sources
2.0 ptsGood 1.0 ptsNot Quite Adequate 0.0 ptsPoor
2.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIs free of errors in grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling, and format
2.0 ptsGood 1.0 ptsNot Quite Adequate 0.0 ptsPoor
2.0 pts
Total Points: 15.0

Here is the company website:

And the link of e-book:…

You can find the chapter by the e-book.

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Financial controls are also prevalent at Radiant. Long (2018), explains that financial controls enable firms to evaluate their financial performance against the predetermined standards established at the beginning of the business year. Each year Radiant releases at least one press briefing on their website to evaluate their financial performance and the value they have made for their shareholders. The most recent press briefing on financial controls was released on the 28th of April this year in which they called an investor to discuss the progress they had made based on the results of their third quarter in the fiscal year. These financial controls have enabled them to identify times they did not reach their targets, evaluate the actions that led to that,

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Organizational Control

Personal Finance

After participating in or viewing the recording of this week’s BigBlueButton discussion session (held on July 14, 2020 beginning at 7:00 PM–see link to BBB on the course’s home page), write at least 150 words providing your answers to these questions:

1) Briefly list at least three topics related to personal finance that were discussed during this week’s BBB session.

2) Do you think social security will be available for you? Why or why not?

3) Other than social security, how will you save for retirement?

4) What are the advantages of having a will?

5) What else about retirement and estate planning would you like to learn?



you go to my course


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Other than social security, there are other plans that I can utilize to save for my retirement. One of them than I can utilize is an employer-sponsored retirement plan. According to Ilmanen, Kabiller,  Siegel, & Sullivan (2017), an employer-sponsored plan is designed to help employees save for their retirement.  In this plan, both an employee and employer contributions to the savings at the end of each month. The funds are invested on behalf of employees, and they begin to make withdrawals after retirements. Basically, this type of retirement plan is tax-deferred, meaning that a person begins paying taxes immediately after they begin withdrawing their savings.  However, there are other plans that taxes are not postponed; instead, retirees make tax free withdrawals.  Some of the retirement plans offered by employers include 401 (K) and IRA. An employer usually sponsors a 401(k) plan. It allows an employee to make savings or invest before their income is taxed.

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Personal Finance

Hypothetical financial plan

Based on the work you have done over the past several weeks as well as any adjustment you’d like to make at this time, type your completed financial plan or attach a file below. You can use the hypothetical financial plan for Stephanie Spratt as a reference, but your plan must be about you, and ideally will contain much more detail than is contained in Stephanie’s plan. The more seriously you consider and develop each area of the plan, the better prepared you will be to make realistic changes as circumstances change. Our textbook states the following near the end of chapter 21:

Your plan must address each of these categories:

1. Plan for Budgeting, including a statement of your goals

2. Plan for Managing Liquidity

3. Plan for Financing

4. Plan providing Insurance

5. Plan for Investing

6. Plan for Retirement

7. Estate Plan (Note: do not disclose the names of people who will receive your assets upon your death, just address the issues that were raised in the previous assignments for estate planning).

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Having robust financial plans is essential when starting a business. Loans will form a large percentage of the capital for starting the business. Several lenders can lend me the money to start my business. I have done due diligence to ensure that the lenders I will approach are credible and that they are not scammers. Another source of financing is borrowing from relatives (Inc, 2010). After creating my business plan, I will approach my relatives and friends and request their financial support to start the company. However, I will inform them that losing money is the same as the chances of making profits, which prepares them for any outcome. 

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Hypothetical financial plan

Jobless American amid Covid crisis


Learning about the growing number of jobless American amid Covid crisis

1. Do you agree and or disagree with the extension of Cobra Coverage and why?

2. Instead of the new policy on Cobra coverage what policy would you create to ensure working Amercicans who lose their jobs continue to have insurance coverage?

3. Apply one of the Policy models when responding to question 2.

Be sure to support your responses.

Use APA format

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A new policy that I would recommend in place of the Cobra Coverage is a family insurance policy that will protect every American citizen. Despite the social status of American citizens, the majority indeed have families. Therefore, this family insurance policy will be based on a family member’s insurance plan. This insurance policy will not have an age limit but will include family members. Since most Americans have their first families or relatives, it will allow them to have insurance coverage.

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Jobless American amid Covid crisis

US healthcare system

Instructions: Please answer using your own words in a minimum of 400, maximum 500 words PER QUESTION SINGLE spaced. Referenced with two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles or qualified text publish within the past five years and follow APA Manual 7th editions scholarly writing guidelines. When writing replies, please provide your experiences, new ideas, add probing questions and new literature on the topic to enhance the learning opportunity.




1.1. Major trends affecting the future of healthcare administration

After you read over the slide presentation posted for this weeks about some of the macro trends affecting the US healthcare system, think about how those trends may be affecting the future of the healthcare profession.  For example, what do you think about these following future possibilities?

  • Chronic Care Management companies take charge of care that keeps these folks out of the hospital as much as possible.
  • Geriatric Care Management companies use mobile technology as an alternative to institutionalization of old people.
  • Companies reduce the cost of care by moving services currently provided in a hospital to out in the community.
  • New mobile, robotic, and AI technologies become standard tolls for improving quality by reducing variations in the provision of healthcare services.
  • The overall healthcare marketplace remains nervous as it faces major changes in the Medicare program and the still unclear future of the Affordable Care Act, so it keep looking for all kinds of new ways to do more with less.

These questions are intended to get our thinking started.


What else do you see in the future of our profession as healthcare managers and administrators?



1.2. Empathy

A deep desire to help is common to those who enter healthcare. Yet, that compassion can be dampened by the demands of the workday.

By now, you should have viewed the Cleveland Clinic Empathy Video. What are your thoughts?






1.3. What will the job market look like in 5 or 10 years?

Lecture: While the US healthcare system represents around $3 trillion in annual spending and is the largest single sector of the overall economy, it also sits inside larger “macro trends” that help define the landscape of jobs.


For example, such factors as globalization, the frantic pace of innovative handheld and genomic technology (like the iPhone 6 and mapping the human genome project), 78 million Americans all hitting old age (and higher healthcare utilization) at the same time, and radically changing values and beliefs are all working together to create a larger “context” for new jobs in the healthcare system.


So what difference do all these big changes mean to us?  The answer is both obvious and complicated. I will answer the obvious part and leave the complicated part to you to discuss.


The obvious answer is that these big changes are changing the way we live our lives. Just think that it wasn’t that long ago that classes on the internet like ours didn’t exist. And now, we just sort of assume, without even thinking about it, that such classes are perfectly normal.


So the obvious part is that such factors as globalization, technology, the aging of our society, and changing cultural values are all working together to change pretty well everything that used to be – into something else.


The hard part – and the part you need to think about – is what do all the changes really mean to the careers of healthcare professionals?


If we think that healthcare professionals will continue to do exactly what they are doing now over the next ten years then we are not paying attention to how much the work world has already changed from the way it worked ten years ago.


How will smart phones create new jobs in healthcare? 


Will genomic research eliminate certain diseases by modifying DNA?  What issues are raised by DNA manipulation?


How will the massive chronic care needs of the elderly create new career opportunities?


How will healthcare systems evolve to best leverage a global market for their services?


What new jobs may be created to best meet new consumer demands for more patient-focused care? Less institutionalization of the elderly? And better access to culturally appropriate care givers?


Answer Question:



So what do you think? What’s the job market likely to look like for you in ten or so years?

1.4 Introduction to Healthcare Financial Management

Read Hirsch, J.A., Harvey, H.B., Barr, R. M., Donovan, W. D., Duszak, R., Nicola, G. N., … & Manchikanti, L. (2016).  Once you have read the article, discuss the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate. “The SGR target is calculated on the basis of projected changes in 4 factors:


1) fees for physicians’ services,

2) the number of Medicare beneficiaries,

3) US gross domestic product, and

4) service expenditures based on changing law or regulations (Hirsch, et al. 2016).”


How have these 4 factors been tied to fiscal performance?  Find some additional sources and support your position through an original post in a few paragraphs.  Once you have completed your post, review the link of at least two of your peers.



1.5. Health Insurance, Managed Care and Reimbursement Methodologies

Cost accounting is one of the most challenging areas in accounting to understand. “A cost accounting system is a system for recording, analyzing and allocating cost to the individual services provided to patients (e.g., medications, procedures, tests, room and board) (Becker’s Hospital Review, 2014). The healthcare industry has been working toward the goal of correlating cost with quality. Read Porter, M. E., & Lee, T. H. (2016). From volume to value in health care: the work begins. Jama, 316(10), 1047-1048. Discuss how healthcare providers and patients can benefit when cost is correlated with quality of the healthcare services provided. Post an original discussion of a few paragraphs and support your statements with research.


1.6. Financial Statements

Financial reporting is critical to the success of any organization because this is how managers and other stakeholders evaluate the sustainability and profitability of an organization.  The healthcare industry accounts for nearly 20% of the US GDP as of 2018 (BEA, 2019).  While there is guidance for financial reporting to the respective government agencies, there is no consistency in the development of financial reports among private healthcare organizations.  Discuss the importance of consistent financial reports across all healthcare organizations.  Support your statements with research and post your discussion in a few paragraphs

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Most people do not look forward to going through a health care experience, primarily because of the negative emotions associated with such an experience (Moudatsou et al., 2020). For example, when a person gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, they are more likely than not to start experiencing hopelessness. However, embracing empathy, especially on the part of the health care professionals, will help turn such an experience from a nasty one to a slightly better one. One of the benefits of embracing empathy within the health care system is that it improves patient outcomes. Empathic engagement is the cornerstone of a fruitful patient-physician relationship (Moudatsou et al., 2020).

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US Healthcare System

U.S. stock market

FIN 320: Discuss which factors had caused the U.S. stock market to reach new heights in February 2020 before falling sharply due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss which factors had caused the U.S. stock market to reach new heights in February 2020 before falling sharply due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Support your findings by providing relevant data from reputable sources.
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Besides, the government reduced interest rates to encourage more investments. Lower interest rates encourage lending and borrowing, which translates into a higher circulation of money. Investments increase economic activity allowing more people to venture into the stock exchange market. Blecker (2016) notes that reinvested dividends were a significant contributor to recovery from the 2008 crisis, seen in the high return index of 32.4% in 2013. Investors were also more willing to buy stocks since there is a high probability that lower interests will translate into higher returns. These are more attractive than the safe havens of cash and deposit certificates, which have significantly lower investment returns.

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U.S. stock market

The Financial Impact of The Pandemic on Soccer

Hey guys, this will be for my capstone for my Master, is the final paper for one of my classes.

All information needed are below, and I also attached couple more info in case you need.

For your final paper, you must synthesize the information from this course with your approved topic from Week 1. This paper must be formatted in APA 6th edition format with a minimum of six scholarly sources retrieved from the Friends University online library. These sources must be skillfully integrated into your paper’s narrative with in-text citations. This paper must include a title page, abstract, six pages of body, and references page(s). This paper will be part of your capstone portfolio thesis. Consequently, you will need to revise your final paper based upon your grade and prepare for inclusion in this cumulative written assignment that you will submit during the final class in your program of study.

Please if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Take you time! 🙂

Thank you.

I don’t believe so, the only concern I have that you need to find a minimum of six scholarly sources retrieved from the Friends University online library.

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Soccer is not just any other sport, as its popularity has established it as an industry that provides careers to many people. While the viewers watch it for entertainment, soccer is a business form to thousands of people who derive their livelihood. The pandemic has hampered multiple business interactions that occur in the soccer set. Ordinarily, a soccer game attracts thousands of fans who pay a substantial fee to watch their teams take on each other on the field (Horky, 2020). Soccer leagues are also the subject of numerous advertisements with business entities seeking to reach out to the millions of fans worldwide through adverts that associate the business entities with the popular sport and boost their reach in the market (Horky, 2020). Translating a segment of soccer fans into a market for your product is a momentous business move for any corporation because it increases its sales and lays a foundation for further inroads into this demographic.

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The Financial Impact of The Pandemic on Soccer


Forum Topic Responses: You are required to research their selected forum topic, using a minimum of 2 reference sources in addition to the text book, and then compile a 500-word response APA format is required. NO plagiarism!! Please use only quality references. This means that we don’t want Wikipedia, Investopedia, or any other “definitional” or “encyclopedic” site. Nor do we want teacher’s posted notes or other textbooks. Since this is a graduate finance course, we are expecting you to use regular academic articles. Thanks.

Comprehensive, forum topic response contributions will be critically graded on the thought quality of the response, work effort, research, and analysis.

Select one of the following forum topics to research and write about.

Week 4 Forum Topics:

-Opportunity Costs


-Net Present Value

-Internal Rate of Return

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There is also a method known as the group depreciation method. It is used to evaluating the depreciation of joined assets. The method is more effective in the calculation of depreciation of assets that are related. It is one of the easiest methods to use in the calculation. This is because you do not need to keep a record of petty details such as date of purchase, accumulated depreciation, and the remaining useful life of the assets (Sigidov, Rybyantseva, Adamenko, & Yarushkina, 2016). This method is, however, not suitable for high valued goods since it does not allocate the actual depreciation expense over the life of the asset. Lastly is the unit of production method. It is usually a two-step calculation method. First, obtain the straight-line depreciation of each unit then multiply it by the number of units produced. Change in the level of activity varies the depreciation charges. This method is especially important in determining asset efficiency.

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Capital Budgeting Techniques

FINCB/571: Corporate Finance

Comp 2/Module 3 – Reflection

Assignment Content

Capital Budgeting Techniques

Respond to the following in a minimum of 500 words:


You are a finance manager for a major utility company. Think about some of the capital budgeting techniques you might use for some upcoming projects.


Discuss at least 2 capital budgeting techniques and how your company can benefit from the use of these tools.


Compare your approaches to other students’ responses. How were they similar or different? Why might you use the different approaches shared by your classmates?


Submit your assignment.



FINCB/571: Corporate Finance

Comp 2/Module 4 – Reflection

Assignment Content

Financial Performance Evaluation

Write a response to the following in a minimum of 500 words:


You are writing a book on how to evaluate performance evaluation for a company. Think about some of the influences and measures of company performance that you read about in this module.


Explain the use of return on assets (ROA) and the price-to-earnings (PE) ratio in evaluating the performance of a company. Write about how to calculate ROA and PE ratio and how market conditions can affect these metrics.


Share the ROA and PE ratio for a company you are familiar with. What do these metrics tell you about the financial health of the company?


Submit your assignment.

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The third technique is the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) which is also a discounted rate that makes the NPVs of all the projects’ cash flows equal to zero. IRR is complicated compared to the other two techniques, which are the payback and Net Present Value techniques (Mujahed & Elshareif, 2017).  Software like excel that is programmed with features that can help in calculating the IRR of each project will be used. This IRR rule states that if the IRR of a project is higher than the minimal or the lowest required rate of return, which is the cost capital, then the investment or the project can be selected or pursued.   The project with the highest IRR will be more desirable and will be implemented. One of the benefits of using the IRR method is that each projects’ entire economic life is considered by focusing on their profitability. This means that the company can predict each project’s viability as far as possible in the future, even if the project will last for twenty or more years.

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Capital Budgeting Techniques


Review theBitcoin Video (Links to an external site.)

  • Write a 4-5-page paper including a summary of what you learned about Bitcoin, how this IT product is useful to accountants, and how it addresses web security and privacy concerns.
  • Assignment should follow APA guidelines with respect to use of subheadings, 1″ margins, and double-spaced. Use the CSU Global APA Instructions (Links to an external site.).
  • Page length requirements for the assignment exclude the title page and the reference page.
  • References need to include your textbook plus two additional credible academic references. All sources used, including your textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and cited per APA guidelines. Use of the CSU Global library is necessary.

Requirements: 4-5 Pages

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Worth noting, the exchange of the cryptocurrency exchange is usually a simple process like sending an email. The primary user sends the bitcoin to a public ledger following cryptographic protocols that prevent double-spending. Generally, these bitcoins act as rewards for payments made. After a cryptocurrency exchange, an individual gets a bitcoin in a process known as mining. According to WeUseCoins (2014), miners get rewards from every payment made. In cryptographic protocols, blind signatures enhance privacy. These signatures are the secret codes or hash codes which verify ownership of the bitcoins. For individuals wanting to purchase bitcoins online, they have to open an account through Coinbase used in Europe, the USA, and the UK (, n.d.). Another option is Spectrocoin, applicable in Europe and Bisq, a global registration system highly convenient due to its privacy. The other step is loading the account with cash and then place an order. Order execution is the final step that leads to the withdrawal of bitcoins.

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