Foucault Mini Essay

Foucault Mini Essay

Hi I need help with a mini essay due on Thursday night. Use the 2 readings below and no other outside resources to answer the prompt. The prompt is as follows:

“Intersectional feminist theory illuminates how we are comprised of an array of social identities that are subject to interlocking systems of oppression that form a matrix of domination. How does this theory expand Foucault’s concept of disciplinary power, such as with the medical gaze? Explicate a specific example of this intersectional expansion of Foucault from the assigned reading: Kai Shappley: A Trans Growing Up in Texas.”


– Bartky, Sandra Lee. Foucault, Femininity, And the Modernization of Patriarchal Power. na, 1997.

– Kai Shappley: A Trans Growing Up in Texas

Word Count: 400-500 words

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Intersectional feminist theory has significantly contributed to solving gender biases and inequalities in different generations. The theory has facilitated the incorporation of a variety of factors and elements in feminism advocacy. Foucault’s discussion on disciplinary power aligns with the ideas in the intersectional feminist theory. As Foucault discussed, disciplinary power is implemented by organizing space, time, and daily activities. This type of power is derived from the organized spaces we create in a society, such as schools, hospitals, and institutions. The medical gaze encourages practitioners to dissociate the patient’s body from other less important elements like their personality. The gaze is meant to help doctors prioritize the essential elements when treating patients. Similarly, the intersectional feminist theory takes all the essential factors concerning feminism in a particular community and addresses objectivity. The theory uses disciplinary power to champion women’s rights and freedoms in the existing societal structures such as women’s rights in workplaces, government, schools, homes, and institutions.