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Difficulties in Interpersonal Communication When Expressing Sexual Orientation

Format: Write 8-10 pages of text, Times New Roman, 12pt, 1-inch margin. Cite from the textbook, as well as from at least 8 other sources, one of which may be a website. Your final paper should include a statement of the problem, a rationale for studying it, a review of prior research relevant to the problem, and conclude with a section on the implications you feel the findings from the research have, or the contributions you believe the research makes. In the paper you should also display your knowledge of class readings and discussions as it applies.

research topic: The topic I have chosen is the difficulties in interpersonal communication when trying to express one’s sexual orientation. (LGBTQ+ Community)

-I provided the guideline the professor gave, my research paper guideline, and the textbook to cite the sources from.

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– I also provided the sources to cite on the paper where it says “citations 1-10”

– I need a final draft of the paper essay thank you so much!

.doc file

Also attached is the textbook needed to me cited on the paper at least 4 times throughout the essay
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Interpersonal communication refers to face to face sharing of information between two or more people. This kind of communication is characterized by the desire to explain something to people who are interested in hearing it. In organizations, interpersonal communication may happen between the workers or between a manager and other employees. Interpersonal communication also happens in all other aspects of social life because people interact with others through communication. For example, people always communicate in schools, churches, and workplaces. According to Hillstrom (n.d.), interpersonal communication can either be oral, nonverbal, and written as long as it involves more than one person. Besides, interpersonal communication happens in two ways because it requires one to listen and the other to speak in order to understand each other.