Health Information Technology (HIT)

500 words discussion, with abstract and conclusion, with at least 3 references.

Discussion question: How do healthcare organizations generally manage and enhance the value of Health Information Technology (HIT)?

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Health form a primary concern to all people. A functional health system is needed to meet the health needs of citizens. A proper healthcare system should help cure diseases, extend lives, prevent diseases, and, significantly, improve communities’ health standards (Schnall et al., 2018). Technology is largely taking over some traditional manual tasks in the modern health sector, which happened to be very tedious. There is a growing demand for the application of health information technology globally. To achieve electronic systems’ maximum efficiency and effectiveness, proper management and advancements in health information technology are required. This entails various electronic systems used by healthcare professionals and patients to share, store, and analyze health information. There are different types of electronic health systems adopted by healthcare organizations. They require unique management and advancement to cater to diverse patients’ health needs, as discussed in this paper.