Gender inequality

  1. Write an essay of at least 2,500 words APA style
  2. Select an example of gender inequality in the workplace. The example can be taken from a novel, a movie (for example, Norma Rae, 9 to 5, Erin Brockovich, Suffragette), a documentary, or even from your own personal experiences. Analyze your example in terms of the four explanations for the inequality of women that are discussed in the course readings. In your analysis, provide illustrations for how each of these explanations may (or may not) have some relevance to your chosen example. In your conclusion, evaluate the strengths and limitations of each of these explanations. Is each explanation relevant to your example, or are some of them irrelevant? Finally, are there any other possible explanations (not included in the course discussion) that could be used to further analyze and understand your example?


These are the 4 explanations discussed in the course reading

  1. occupational segregation
  2. the family gap
  3. women’s extra-pecuniary choices and values
  4. sexism—institutional and individual

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Occupational segregation, including vertical and horizontal, is depicted in the film. The film explains the work experiences of women in the laundry as contrasted to men. This directly impacted the work pay and the working conditions. Maud explains that the women work in hazardous conditions, including using old-fashioned and hazardous machines. Factors that influenced her to take up the work included a lack of education. She explains her unique experiences working in the laundry, especially for women. The poor working conditions are attributed to a short life, as confirmed by the early death of Maud’s mother.

Conversely, the men work in the delivery of clothes with better working conditions.

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Gender inequality