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Global leader in medical devices.

In 350-400 words please discuss the following: Research a company that interests you. How does this company address and embrace diversity and inclusion?

Requirements: 350-400 words

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In addressing and embracing diversity and inclusion, the company employs employee resource groups (ERGs), which engage and connect its workforce to enhance their potential, foster relationship capital, and promote inclusivity within the organizational culture (Johnson & Johnson, 2018). Currently, the company is working towards achieving 50 percent Women representation in global management positions and 35 percent racial diversity in management positions in the US. The company has facilitated its diversity and inclusion endeavors through its organizational structure, with the Chief Diversity officer directly reporting to the Chairman and CEO (Johnson & Johnson, 2018; Mundy, 2015). Thus, the organization’s endeavors have been successful due to the involvement of top-level management.

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