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Health Care Policy and Law Project

Health Care Policy and Law Project

Policies guide structure and ensure organizational compliance. In a broader context, national and state health care policies exist to direct organizations and populations.

Select a national or state health care policy that is currently in effect. This policy will be used to complete your research paper in the final week of the course. In preparation for your final research paper, you will complete weekly tasks that are related to the policy you have chosen.

Pre-approved research topics are available below. pick from one of the following approved topics.

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 HIPAA was deployed in 1990 to protect patient privacy. The question posted may be: What affect did HIPAA legislation have on patient quality of care?

 What affect did ERISA 1974 have on health plan options?

 What was the effect of OBRA 1987 on skilled nursing facilities?

 How has the EMTALA 1986 legislation affected hospitals?

 What has been the effect of the PPACA on healthcare organizations as an employer?

 What has been the effect of the PPACA on healthcare organizations as a provider?

 How has the prospective payment system (PPS) affected the delivery of services in an acute care hospital?

 How has the fee for service system affected the delivery of services in a clinic

Complete the following:

  • Choose your national or state health care policy.
  • Develop a Statement of the Problem for your final paper (1,000–1,500 words).
    • A Statement of the Problem should include the general problem and the specific problem that you would like to research or address in your final paper.

Dissertation resource:

  • Each week, you will be presented with a different dissertation resource. The weekly dissertation resource does not need to be read in full. It should be used as a guide to keep you on track with your work.

Phase 2 dissertation resource:

Requirements: .doc file.

Answer preview

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has many provisions that affect healthcare organizations’ healthcare services approaches. It was enacted to the law in 2010 primarily to reduce the uninsured population and increase the Medicaid beneficiaries (Rosenbaum, 2011). PPACA is the most extensive policy change in the American healthcare system since the Medicare system in 1965. The application of the PPACA provides a feasible policy intervention for increasing access and quality of care and achieving cost savings. Cost is a major factor hindering access to healthcare services. Hence, increases in affordability cause increased demand for Americans’ services (Adkinson, & Chung, 2014). Individuals eligible for marketplace subsidies and Medicaid is seeking preventive services and treatment services they would not previously afford to expand the demands.  The PPACA also come at a considerable cost to healthcare organizations as the center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) considered decreasing the payment to hospital by $158 billion over ten years (Adkinson, & Chung, 2014). A change in the payment structures for healthcare services greatly influences how care is delivered. The review in the billing practice increases risks for charging providers for unintentional healthcare fraud.


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