Health Issues in the Accounting Profession

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Good health is an essential status for any person because it lays the foundation for an individual’s being and engagement in other activities. With advancements in scientific knowledge and technology, researchers and healthcare practitioners have discovered numerous causes of health complications. One of the most exciting aspects of modern healthcare entails contextualizing the impact that one’s occupation may have on their health. With the cost of living increasing every year, work has become essential, and people spend numerous hours daily as they try to eke out a living (Madsen & Piao, 2019). Long periods of exposure to unfavorable working conditions inevitably trigger adverse effects. Accounting is an essential facet of any organization’s operations. It entails keeping financial records and interpreting different sets of financial data to facilitate better decision-making. Considering how crucial data has become in shaping business approaches, accountants have to spend more time scouring through mountains of financial and non-financial data to shape their organizations’ economic performance. As a result, accountants are subjected to a lot of pressure as their output is integral to their company’s sustenance. The downside of the profession is that very few entities pause to reflect on the effect that job demands have on their accountants’ health. This paper proceeds on this premise to discuss how working as an accountant impacts one’s health.