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Role Development

Role Development

Role transition from Registered Nurse to an advanced nursing practice role occurs through acquiring the educational component of role acquisition and the occupational or work component of role implementation. These two factors contribute to your transition from BSN-prepared nurse to MSN-prepared nurse. Discuss three strategies for enhancing the nursing advanced practice role development.

APA style

3 references

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The nursing practice is an essential competent in the health sector that has immense effects on health outcomes. As such, nurses need to embrace career advancement, which requires more investment in their education and experience. One strategy that is useful in role development is the focus on lifelong learning. Becoming an APRN does not end when someone graduates with their master’s degree but requires continuous learning throughout one’s career (Ares, 2018). Education for advanced practice should introduce nurses to the concept of everyday learning in consideration of new methods, processes and technologies affecting the nursing practice.