Healthcare administration

Each of us are different and we learn and develop in our own way. With that in mind this project is flexible, and you may choose to meet the requirements of this project in any format you wish (as long as you can submit it successfully to me through our e-course system). The grading criteria and key concepts of the course should guide you in what is necessary to include. You may add any additional content that you feel is important to your development of a plan that will help sustain you and your development as a leader as you move forward in your career and life.

Required items

Inclusion of relevant theories, course content or personal research, 5 items (75 points)

A multi-year, multi-stage timeline (75 points)

The multi-level effect and multi-level interactions (75 points)

Reflection, compassion, mindfulness, and hope (75 points)


I would like this to be healthcare related as I have a focus in Health Administration.

Please use mostly the resources I have attached and if needed maybe 1 or 2 additional sources.

Requirements: 2 pages

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Further, the third quarter will promote sustainable literacy by implementing training workshops. The training forums will enlighten the leaders and employees on how to identify risks and tap opportunities that help promote sustainable healthcare practices. Collaborating with the human resource manager will be ideal for determining the priority of programs the management should implement (HBR, 2011). The year’s final quarter will be a time for self-reflection on achievements made and leadership gaps that should be addressed in the forthcoming year. This aligns with the active values objective, which encourages sustainable leaders to take an overview of the company, evaluate personal achievements and determine how to maximize their capacity.

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Healthcare administration