History of Pharmacy

History of Pharmacy week 1 reflection

  • Do you think historical research is important? Why or Why not?
  • What do you think is some of the most interesting content of this section?
  • How important was the edict of Frederick, II (c. 1240)?
  • What is the significance of the practice of pharmacy in the Middle East at this time?
  • Locate additional resources for the content of Week #1. Describe what you found.
  • What other relevant questions would you ask about this content?

Reflection should be 2 pages long.


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In my opinion, regarding the analysis of this article, historical research remains to be significant. According to Wensel (2018), there are four significances of historical research, which include learning the eternal truth since human nature doesn’t change. In this case, it helps medical researchers to identify what worked during the ancient period and what can work in the present-day. Secondly, historical research is essential because it helps in predicting the future by comparing the past and the present. The most critical concept that historical research gains medical researchers is to avoid making past mistakes by gaining knowledge of what transpired in the past. The final significance is to learn about medical practices in the past and the nature of diseases and the methods that they used to solve them. Through this, it helps in curbing arising diseases. These are the major significances of historical research from a pharmaceutical perspective.(654words)