Government’s response to COVID-19

POLS 1-American Government-002

discuss how the governmental response to covid-19 illustrates what you have learned. Show not just factual knowledge on the details of government (ex.: the President has the power to order travel from China to stop as Chief of the Executive) but also show the principle of checks and balances between different levels of government (federal, state, and local), between the branches of government, and between the private sector and government. You have your text and Wall Street Journals as your main source, but other legitimate news sources are acceptable (so no RT, Iranian, Xinhua/Chinese Government news outlets, or conspiracy sites). If it is from the WSJ or a widely covered news story, there is no need to cite.

Five full pages, double spaced.

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Government has been the subject of numerous researches by experts in the discipline of governance as well as social sciences. The government is defined as a system whereby a small group of people is given the mandate to run affairs of a particular boundary, whether country, state, or the local area, on behalf of a broader demographic. The United States has one of the world’s most sophisticated system of governance thanks to its inclination towards federalism. While there is an extensive array of literature on governance, nothing has been more enlightening on the role of governments and the scope of their functions than the current Covid-19 pandemic.(1639words)