HR Policy Manual

Approaches to Laws

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Green Branch Coffee recently experienced an ethical violation because some unscrupulous employees leaked customer information on a social media Web site. The Director of Human Resources at Green Branch Coffee has asked you to prepare an executive report that reviews the role of ethics in the HR profession. This report will be shared with the VP of HR. You realize this is an important project and begin by researching the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Code of Ethics (linked above) for HR professionals.


Review the SHRM Code of Ethics, and prepare a 500-word executive report that answers the following questions:

  • Describe the professional responsibilities of HR professionals.
  • What does it mean to include fairness and justice in the HR profession?
  • How should HR professionals appropriately manage an organization’s information?

HR Policy Manual

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The Director of Human Resources at Green Branch Coffee was impressed with the first part of your executive report on ethics in the HR profession. She would like you to create a policy for employee use of technology because new sources of social media and more advanced electronic devices are regularly being introduced into the market. The newly designed policy will be part of a revision of the Employee Policy Manual. Green Branch Coffee wants to prevent another leak of customer data, and all locations will be closed for an entire day to train team members on the policy in an attempt to demonstrate Green Branch’s commitment to fairness and justice.

Revise Part 1 of the Key Assignment based on your instructor’s feedback, and add an additional 500 words to the executive report creating an Employee Use of Technology Policy that addresses the following:

  • Refraining from workplace commentary on social media
  • Maintaining a professional image
  • What can be shared and what cannot be shared on social media
  • Harassment
  • Customer privacy and IT security

Answer preview

Laws and ethics are very important in any organization because they govern how professionals should behave in the workplace.  Ethical approaches used in most organizations require employees to maintain integrity, respect, honesty, confidentiality, and compliance with the law (Hughes, 2019). The incident that happened in Green Branch Coffee was unethical. This is because exposing customer’s information to the public demonstrates a lack of organization’s integrity and confidentiality. This might lead to the loss in the company because the customers may feel that Green Branch Coffee is not trustworthy. Thus, Green Branch Coffee’s employees should understand the role of ethics in the HR profession.(1275 words)