Humanist learning theory

When it comes to learning a new language, students can feel pressure or anxiety when developing these new skills. Within your narrative response, utilize each theory listed as a heading. Within each heading, provide the requested information.

Use the following Headings for organization:

  • Humanistic
  • Social Interactionist/Cognitive
  • Behavioral
  • Developmental

For each heading/theory provide:

You should have four, well-developed paragraphs in your narrative response.

Requirements: In-depth guide with all the details and steps

Here are a few resources to use:

5 Stages of Second Language Acquisition | Resilient Educator

Introduction to Language | Boundless Psychology (

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The SIT theory is more likely to affect the speech intermediate fluency stage. The students develop their language more comprehensively in this stage. Compared to the speech emergence stage, learners in this stage advance their language up to 6,000 words. It helps students expand their vocabularies and improve their efficiency (Resilient educator. 2018, December 24).

Writing Would Be Impacted the Most

The theory is more likely to impact the emergent stage. At this stage, the students make efforts to scribble numbers or letters. They imitate the symbols the grown-ups use while writing down (Kaye, n.d.). Also, they attempt to match the sounds and letters. The learners may begin with drawings to help them write letters.

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Humanist learning theory