Read the following two articles about immigration

Immigrants Sent $140 Billion From U.S. Back To Homelands in 2016 (Links to an external site.)


Without immigrants, the US economy would be a ‘disaster,’ experts say

As a group, compare the language used to describe immigrants, the economy, and money in the two articles. What picture is created by the language used in each article. What ideological position does each article support? How could social practices be affected by the language in the articles?

Requirements: Looking for a more in-depth guide with all the details.

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The article, “Without immigrants, the U.S. economy would be a ‘disaster,’ experts say,” supports the ideology of immigrants in the U.S because its economic downfall is not only because of immigrants (Tan, & Marshall, 2017). Even if the remittances are spent in home counties, the money still finds its way back to the U.S by buying food and other necessities that are not in their home countries. If all immigrants were to disappear from the U.S workforce, it would greatly impact the economy. Therefore, the government should stop fighting immigration as they are represented in many sectors, both low-and high-skilled jobs. The other article, “Immigrants Sent $140 Billion From U.S. Back to Homelands in 2016,” supports the ideology that immigrants should be chased away from the U.S because they don’t add value to the country’s economy (Munro, 2018).

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