Improving primary healthcare

How can nurses work collaboratively with physicians and other health care professionals to improve primary care, reduce overutilization and improve underutilization of healthcare services?

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Reflecting on what you have learned about the social determinants of health, SDOH,

how can nurses work collaboratively with physicians and other health care professionals to improve primary care, reduce overutilization and improve underutilization of healthcare services? Include in your response how fostering an environment of diversity and cultural awareness among healthcare providers builds a stronger healthcare team and improves care delivery to healthcare consumers.

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The pursued collaboration among health professionals is vital in utilizing health resources and the provision of quality patient care. Different strategies are available to help health professionals increase teamwork and consequently reduce overutilization of resources. Nurses can collaborate with other health professionals by participating in other department’s training. Attending such sessions will help them better understand their colleagues’ challenges when offering patient care. The training provides a broad scope of patient care knowledge and gives different perspectives that nurses would generally lack without such exposure.(543words)