Information and musical terminology

Concert review

You will watch a performance (live, video, or virtual) of any genre (please pick Beyonce, Kanye west, or Jay Z) and write a short review paper. While writing your review paper be sure to incorporate relevant information and musical terminology from class lectures, readings, etc. The papers may be written in either first or third person and should be in the style of a concert review that you would typically read in a newspaper or internet blog. I will provide an example of a review for you along with the assignment description on Blackboard. The papers should be approximately 2 pages, double-spaced, and 11- or 12-point font. . All papers are to be written in your own words with no cutting and pasting from internet sources or the textbook.

This link provides an example of what a review should look like

Jazz Concert Review: Vocalist Kurt Elling — Going Through the World with Curiosity – The Arts Fuse

Requirements: 2 pages

This is to be written in your own words no internet source or textbooks

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The songs also entailed rhythmic speech. In between the version and there was high usage of street vernacular. Kanye West has always worked extra hard to connect with his audience, inform, entertain, and relate to his audience and fans. In his song All of the Lights, he articulated speech. Kanye’s show extends beyond the stage and into his personal life, with every quirk of his outsized personality mirrored back to us via his performance in the song Runaways which is considered a tribute to Kim Kardashian Kanye West Archives and Media, 2021. Beyond pastiche, Kanye music performance throughout is a unique work with its sound and vibe.
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Information and musical terminology