Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management BBA 2551-18I

Two-page Essay

Choose a city in one of the following countries: Taiwan, Spain, Uruguay, Australia, or Turkey. Research the culture of the chosen city, and write a two-page essay to describe what you need to know about three cultural differences that would help you open a subsidiary, hire staff, and manage it for your corporation successfully in that country.

The essay should be properly formatted to include a title page and reference list, which will not be included in the minimum page count. The paper should follow APA guidelines for all resources for in-text citations, paraphrasing, and references.

Requirements: two pages

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The selected city is Melbourne which is the capital of Victoria in Australia. It is known for its artistic, musical, and political elements. The town has been culturally in flounced by European culture. Also, it provided a multi-layered cultural environment that may impact business expansions. The decision to open a subsidiary in Melbourne must consider its cultural differences in hiring and management. Within this culture, business managers are expected to portray humility, engage with subordinates and be conservative.