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International Business

5916A International Business – assignment

Topic: “Globalisation after the pandemic: The end or a new beginning? The view of one multinational enterprise.”

Base on a chosen MNE, discuss the influence that COVID has brought, reflecting thematic areas from the module.

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The structure and the instructions are already very detailed in the brief; please look at it. We are supposed to reflect the theories we have been thought of, and you can look at the slides, which are also detailed. We also need to use high-quality references, there are some recommendations in the reading list I sent to you, and please do not use references like online slides or wikipedia.

Just make sure you look at the brief, it is really important, especially the key elements. Thank you!
1500 words, 12+references, work need to be original.


Answer preview

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted numerous aspects of the social and economic lives. One of the most affected factions is that of the multinational enterprises is Coca-Cola. The entity operates and has processing, production, and distribution outlets in many parts of the world. The pandemic brought about an economic standoff characterize by employees’ retrenchment, downsizing, and even some corporations’ closure. As reported, many companies have recorded increased losses arising from shocks of the pandemic leading to lower revenues. The pandemic necessitated the Coca-Cola company to devise effective strategies to navigate the pandemic, retain and enhance operations, and improve its profitability. As echoed by the company’s CEO, James Quincy, the company’s firm organizational policy and strategic planning provided it with adaptability and flexibility to adjust to the pandemic’s weight and maintain operations and enhance the returns on invests ROI globally. Below is an overview of the Coca-Cola as a reputable MNE, how the coronavirus company has affected its operations, and the measures instituted to navigate the pandemic.