intrapersonal conflict

Describe an intrapersonal conflict you have experienced either in your career or personal life. How did you think through your options? Do you think you made the right decision? Was your course of action to resolve the conflict approach/approach, avoidance/avoidance, or approach/avoidance?

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To think through my options, I analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of taking the job, my current situation at the moment, and the benefits and limitations of not taking the job. One of the factors that stood out and influenced my decision was that I was still a college student and needed to be near my school. Even though I would be financially stable, I could not risk interfering with my studies, hence, I had to forgo the job opportunity. I made the right choice because it was not long before I got another job opportunity near my school, and I could balance my studies and work simultaneously. The course of action to resolve the conflict between taking the job or not was approach/avoidance conflict. The situation presented me with two options which were beneficial and disadvantageous. Taking the job would be a source of income as I was unemployed; at the same time, choosing the career meant a disruption of my studies as the job location was much further away from my school.

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intrapersonal conflict