Large-scale cases of rape

Discuss both videos regarding the crime of rape in Nanking and Bosnia-Herzegovina ? Do you believe these acts will continue in future conflicts? What can be done to prevent rape as an act of war? Should the international community hold national leaders responsible for the crime of rape during a conflict?The Nanjing massacre Documentary of the Rape of

Nanking (WARNING: Graphic Content )
• Frontline discusses Rape in Bosnia
Still on the Frontline – YouTube
• What led to the genocide in Rwanda
MODULE 3: Genocide and Rape as Volitions of Human Right

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The crime of rape in wartime, such as the Nanjing Massacre, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Rwanda genocide, shows the need for expansion of the international legal framework. The mass incidences of rape show it was a deliberate and structured policy to demoralize the opponents. Considering that Japanese soldiers forced Chinese civilians to rape their relatives and monks clearly shows it was not a by-product of war. Ethnic cleansing atrocities are critical, and there are higher risks for these crimes in the future. Expansion of the legal framework, including holding the national leaders responsible for these crimes, is necessary to foster policies to reduce sexual violence.

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Large-scale cases of rape